2010-12-29 Ed PagePulling in changes from skeleton master
2010-12-18 Ed PageBump to 0.3.13
2010-12-18 Ed PageSwitching to a new icon that is only slightly better
2010-12-18 Ed PageBump to 0.3.12
2010-12-14 Ed PageAdding paranoia protection
2010-10-03 Ed PageMoving webpage to wiki
2010-04-24 Ed PageBumping to 0.3.11
2010-04-24 Ed PageAdding import/export capability
2010-04-23 Ed PageMaking search go for pattern in any part of text rather...
2010-04-23 Ed PageRemembering the filter on restart
2010-04-23 Ed PageBug fixes that were apart of the previous commits bump
2010-04-23 Ed PageBump
2010-04-20 Ed PageReleasing 0.3.10
2010-04-20 Ed PageAdding panning
2010-04-20 Ed PageCleaning up scrollwindow code
2010-04-19 Ed PageBump to 0.3.9
2010-04-19 Ed PageAdjusting combo boxes / spiners
2010-04-19 Ed PageFixing a typo
2010-04-01 Ed PageBump to 0.3.8-1
2010-04-01 Ed PageOops, wrong constants
2010-04-01 Ed PageGetting toggles to work
2010-03-31 Ed PageUpdating the website
2010-03-26 Ed Page0.3.7
2010-03-25 Ed PageMerging in github
2010-03-25 Ed PageUpdating source to latest version
2010-03-25 Ed PageSwithing over to the new code
2010-03-25 Ed PageBumping to 0.3.6
2010-03-25 Ed PageAdding more filtering options
2010-03-24 Ed PageFixing launcher and bumping to 0.3.5
2010-03-24 Ed PageBump to 0.3.4
2010-03-24 Ed PageUser-visible rotation config and persistence of rotatio...
2010-03-24 Ed PageReleasing 0.3.3-0
2010-03-24 Ed PageTurning the settings dialog into a window
2010-03-24 Ed PageBump to 0.3.3 and adding basic rotation support
2010-03-23 Ed PageFixing Maemo 5 support
2010-03-23 Ed PageAdding the .deb to download
2010-03-23 Ed PageBumping to 0.3.2-1
2010-03-23 Ed PageFixing a bug with renaming lists and fixing modality up
2010-03-23 Ed PageRandom code cleanup
2010-03-23 Ed PageRemoving more dead code
2010-03-23 Ed PageRemoving dead code and cleaning things up
2010-03-23 Ed PageRe-arranging menus
2010-03-23 Ed PageRemoving dead code
2010-03-23 Ed PageSwitching to a real inconsistent button
2010-03-23 Ed PageRenaming some event handlers
2010-03-23 Ed PageAdding settings to app menu
2010-03-22 Ed PageCleaning up the column choice dialog as well as some...
2010-03-22 Ed PageSwitching lists over to touch selectors
2010-03-22 Ed PageSwitching category over to a touch selector
2010-03-22 Ed PageMinor cleanup
2010-03-20 Ed PageForgot a file
2010-03-20 Ed PageMinor cleanup
2010-03-20 Ed PageRemoving a lot of dead code and freeing some space...
2010-03-20 Ed PageUpdating changelist
2010-03-20 Ed PageMoving checkout all to menu
2010-03-20 Ed PageSwitching to quicknote style search
2010-03-20 Ed PageAdding a Fremantle menu
2010-03-20 Ed PageMoving all/active filter to menu
2010-03-19 Ed PageAdded logging of exceptions
2010-03-19 Ed PageAdding a dummy webpage
2010-03-19 Ed PageFixing package building
2010-03-19 Ed PageDoing some minor lint cleanup
2010-03-19 Ed PageTIny cleanups
2010-03-19 Ed PageRenaming main class to be meaningful
2010-03-19 Ed PageRe-orging files
2010-03-19 Ed PageFurther cleanup
2010-03-18 Ed PageSlowly cleaning up the code
2010-03-18 Ed PageMinor bugfix
2010-03-18 Ed PageMore cleanup
2010-03-18 Ed PageCleaning up the stuff
2010-03-18 Ed PageInitial checkin of multilist
2010-03-18 Ed PageAdding some ignores
2010-03-18 Ed PageFirst commit
2009-03-13 logvinonfixed ru.po, up version to 0.3.1
2009-03-13 logvinonI18N, extract de.po, add ru.po
2008-05-24 axiquebilder, buxfixes
2008-02-09 axiqueSpeed enhancements for sync
2008-02-09 axiquechanged to standard sync
2008-02-08 axiqueAdded GPL 3 license on headers
2008-02-08 axiqueInitial commit
2008-02-08 axiqueInitial commit