2011-03-28 Ivan FradePreparing 0.5.2-2 release maemo5 master mussorgsky-0.5.2-2
2011-03-28 Ivan Fradedebian/control: Add bugtracker link. Required for extra...
2011-02-11 Ivan FradePreparing 0.5.2 release mussorgsky-0.5.2-1
2011-02-11 Ivan FradeInitialize 'languages' var always
2011-02-11 Ivan FradeUpdate the page parsing to the new Bing results-page...
2010-04-25 Ivan FradePreparing 0.5.1 release mussorgsky-0.5.1-1
2010-04-25 Ivan FradeGet correctly album name (to save the image in the...
2010-04-24 Ivan FradeDepend on python-gobject instead of python2.5-gobject
2010-04-23 Ivan FradePreparing 0.5-1 release mussorgsky-0.5-1
2010-04-23 Eric Le-RouxFrench translation (Eric Le-Roux)
2010-04-23 Ivan FradeVerbose comments in the i18n
2010-04-23 Ivan FradeAvoid useless refilters when the user is typing fast
2010-04-23 Ivan FradeUse 'Various artist' as search string when the album...
2010-04-23 Kimmo HämäläinenFinnish translation (Kimmo Hämälainen)
2010-04-23 Ivan FradeShow most recent tracks first
2010-04-23 Ivan FradeAdd OGG mimetype in maemo
2010-04-23 Urho KonttoriNew icon
2010-04-22 Ivan FradeUse LANG and correct locale dir to load translations
2010-04-22 Xabier Rodriguez... Galician translation (Xabier R. Calvar)
2010-04-22 Ivan FradeSpanish translation: updated to utf8
2010-04-22 Marius VollmerGerman translation (Marius Vollmer)
2010-04-22 Ivan FradeAdd i18n to mussorgsky
2010-04-21 Ivan FradeFixes MB#8912, crashes when saving song metadata
2010-04-21 Ivan Fradethe thumbnailing library filename ends with .0
2010-04-21 Ivan FradeTest WMA support. Cannot add the test file though.
2010-02-26 Ivan FradeAdded test for mutagen. Included 3 sec. files in differ...
2010-02-26 Ivan FradeAdded support for OGG using mutagen autodetection
2010-02-26 Ivan FradeAdd plain FLAC support
2010-02-26 Ivan FradeUse directly hildon-thumbnailer C library via Ctypes...
2010-01-27 Ivan FradeSame lazy loading of the view for the strings.
2010-01-27 Ivan FradeLazy loading of the album art when the row is visible
2010-01-27 Ivan FradePreparing 0.4-1 release mussorgsky-0.4-1
2010-01-24 Ivan FradeUnicode utf8 fails on the device.
2010-01-24 Ivan FradeHuge padding adding rows in the download dialog.
2010-01-24 Ivan FradeSelect text in the 'search again' entry
2010-01-24 Ivan FradeAdd filters on the browse view menu.
2010-01-24 Ivan FradeNew unit test for the album art name
2010-01-24 Ivan FradeForce utf8 in string encoding. Still incorrect values...
2010-01-24 Ivan FradeRemove special characters from album name
2010-01-24 Ivan Fradeconvenience function to check is an string is empty
2010-01-22 Ivan FradeRemove commented code
2010-01-22 Ivan FradeAssume filtered model in the edit view
2010-01-22 Ivan FradeUse only filtered model in the browse view
2010-01-22 Ivan FradeAdd menu entries in the browse panel (only UI, no imple...
2010-01-22 Ivan FradeUse mediaplayer icon in the edit-panel controls
2010-01-22 Ivan FradeRemove the "filename" label in front of the filename
2010-01-22 Ivan FradeFix the play button in edit view
2010-01-22 Ivan FradeReplace buggy str.split with manual replacement in...
2010-01-22 Ivan FradeFew UI improvements in download-dialog
2010-01-21 Ivan FradeCustom text to search album art (ugly UI)
2010-01-21 Ivan FradeRemove unused variable
2010-01-21 Ivan FradeUse platform icons for next/back buttons in edit panel
2010-01-21 Ivan FradeRefactored album-art download dialog code
2010-01-21 Ivan FradeOption to unset album art in download dialog
2010-01-10 Ivan FradeCall gtk settings to have fancy buttons with rounded...
2010-01-10 Ivan FradeRemove debug comment
2010-01-10 Ivan FradeCapital O in the .desktop file to fix name starting app
2009-09-15 Ivan FradePreparing 0.3 release mussorgsky-0.3-1
2009-09-15 Ivan FradeUpdated C util to the new album-art thumbnail calculation
2009-09-15 Ivan FradeUpdated album-art thumbnail path calculation
2009-09-09 Ivan FradeTool to get album art and paths from hildon-thumbnailer
2009-09-09 Ivan FradeUse cropped as thumbnail directory
2009-09-08 Ivan FradeMerge branch 'master' of
2009-09-08 Ivan FradeRemove old album_art retrieval code
2009-09-08 Ivan FradeSet the visible_func of the treemodel only once
2009-09-08 Ivan FradeSet all columns in the model so the view is updated
2009-09-08 Ivan FradeExchange images in main view
2009-09-07 Ivan FradeInclude new fancy button in the dist list
2009-09-07 Ivan FradeRename method. Show browse panel instead of old edit...
2009-09-07 Ivan FradeRemove old panel. Use new one based on ListStore
2009-09-07 Ivan FradeSearch only after 3 or more characters
2009-09-07 Ivan FradeNew first view using fancy buttons
2009-09-07 Ivan FradeFancy button for the main view (Gabriel Schulhof)
2009-09-07 Ivan FradeUsing browse panel in edit_metadata
2009-09-07 Ivan FradeRemove debug print
2009-09-06 Ivan FradeAdd new browser panel and updated edit panel
2009-09-06 Ivan FradeSet util class to create unique list of artists or...
2009-09-06 Ivan FradeRemove useless hbox in the window
2009-09-06 Ivan FradeDescribe returned tuple in method docstring
2009-09-05 Ivan FradeUse unique albums (concat artist) to handle the album art
2009-09-05 Ivan FradeTypos in variable names are evil in python
2009-09-05 Ivan FradePreparing 0.2.2 release mussorgsky-0.2.2-1
2009-09-05 Ivan FradeRemove references to the old album_art file
2009-09-04 Ivan FradeNew version in changelog mussorgsky-0.2.1-1
2009-09-04 Ivan FradePreparing 0.2.1 release
2009-09-04 Ivan FradeSame API but now retrieving the album art in threads
2009-09-04 Ivan FradeConsistent __create_view with other panels
2009-09-04 Ivan FradeSkip empty image
2009-09-01 Ivan FradeForce thumbnail if new album art has been selected
2009-08-27 Ivan FradeSort results by added time
2009-08-27 Ivan FradeBack to TouchSelectorEntry for artist and albums
2009-08-26 Ivan FradePreparing 0.2 release mussorgsky-0.2-1
2009-08-26 Ivan FradeUse the right variable!
2009-08-26 Ivan FradeBe sure there is image and thumb
2009-08-26 Ivan FradeAdded "trying" to download dialog
2009-08-26 Ivan FradeUse gobject markup escape instead of a custom function
2009-08-26 Ivan FradeAllow cancel between image downloads
2009-08-25 Ivan FradeAsync album art showing thumbnails
2009-08-25 Ivan FradeRetrieving album art in a callback
2009-08-25 Ivan FradeRefactor: retrieve the album art inside the dialog