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MySocials Gallery is free open source software. MySocials Gallery distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL license.

Project wiki (in russian)


Project repository

e-mail list: maemo-mysocials@cs.karelia.ru

The project is done by FRUCT Lab at the IT-park of Petrozavodsk State University (PetrSU), Russia.

Project owner: Sergey I. Balandin, PhD, Adjunct Professor, FRUCT General Chair, Helsinki, Finland.

Technical coach: Timofei V. Turenko, PhD, FRUCT Maemo/MeeGO WG Head.

Head of PetrSU FRUCT Lab: Iurii A. Bogoiavlenskii, PhD, Head of Department of Computer Science, PetrSU.

Manager: Kirill A. Kulakov, PhD kulakov@cs.karelia.ru

Expert: Alexandr V. Borodin aborod@cs.karelia.ru


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