fixed description
[nowplayingd] / debian / changelog
2010-03-02 Tuomo Tanskanenfixed description
2010-03-02 Tuomo Tanskanencleanups, notification timeout fix
2010-03-02 Tuomo Tanskanenversion to ~unreleased
2010-03-02 Tuomo Tanskanenfix device reboot if nowplayingd misbehaves
2010-03-01 Tuomo Tanskanenbugtracker added
2010-03-01 Tuomo Tanskanencompiles, packages, installs as daemon v0.1-1
2010-03-01 Tuomo Tanskanenfix debian stuff
2010-03-01 Tuomo Tanskanensrc + dh_make, need to clean up