2011-02-02 Ed PageBump to 0.8.12 master
2011-02-02 Ed PageMore unicode work
2011-01-19 Ed PageBump to 0.8.11
2011-01-19 Ed PageStoring resume information in utf-8 for non-english...
2011-01-14 Ed PageBump to 0.8.10-1
2011-01-13 Ed PageBump to 0.8.10
2011-01-13 Ed PageReintroducing the default cover
2011-01-13 Ed PageBump to 0.8.9
2011-01-12 Ed PageBump to 0.8.8
2011-01-12 Ed Pagemaking loading old settings more resilient
2011-01-12 Ed PageAdditional work to match things to my build structure
2011-01-12 Ed PageUnifying the way packaging works with my other projects
2010-12-29 Ed PageMoving files to new locations
2010-12-29 Ed PageBump to 0.8.7
2010-12-28 Ed PageChanging whitespace and fixing a bug with reconfiguring
2010-12-18 Ed PageBump to 0.8.6
2010-12-18 Ed PageMaking it so we can build again
2010-12-18 Ed PageMirroring more of my other projects
2010-12-18 Ed PageCleaning all of this up after the conversion
2010-12-18 Ed PageAdding back in the webpage
2010-09-30 epageUpdating the control info for the package
2010-07-15 epageAdding todos
2010-07-05 epageSwitching from file-based book settings to json based...
2010-07-02 epageAdding an about menu as requested by magnuslu
2010-06-23 epageAttempts at fixing icon on Maemo 4.1
2010-06-23 epageBump to 0.8.5-0
2010-06-23 epageTweaking the UI based on feedback from Addison
2010-06-19 epageBump to 0.8.4
2010-06-19 epageLimiting the FMRadio hack to only fremantle
2010-06-16 epageBump to 0.8.3-1 to fix a deps issue
2010-06-16 epageFixing some tabs
2010-06-16 epageFixing crash on launch, fixingpackaging, bumping to...
2010-05-19 epageBump to 0.8.2
2010-05-19 epageFix for Post 118: Cover art isn't used anymore
2010-05-19 epageSetting app name to FMRadio allows playback during...
2010-05-12 epage0.8.1-1
2010-05-12 epageFixing an icon name
2010-05-08 epageBump to 0.8.1
2010-05-08 epageFixing an issue with the Maemo 4.1 player
2010-05-08 epageAdding run-standalone for Maemo 4.1 support
2010-05-08 epageGrabbing updated icons
2010-05-08 epageAdding source files for new icons
2010-05-08 epageIf the audiobook finds an invalid chapter, rely on...
2010-05-08 epageBump to 0.8.0-3
2010-05-08 epageIntroducing the way to build packages on my machine
2010-05-08 epageNoticed I introduced some tabs thanks to my makefile...
2010-05-08 epageFixing a bug with the builder
2010-05-07 epageRemoving extra load which lost the users seek time...
2010-05-07 epageCaching duration to fix a seek while paused bug (Post 93)
2010-05-07 epageFixing a bug with an exception handler
2010-05-07 epageAdding back in the clipboard
2010-05-07 epageGeneralizing the name
2010-05-07 epageMaking it easier to do distribution specific building
2010-05-07 epagePost 91: button always says Resume on Maemo
2010-05-07 epageSetting up a trunk for branching