Update build script
[pedometerwidget] / src /
2010-03-20 andrei1089Fix bug #5407: Count steps correctly if the counter...
2010-03-16 andrei1089Update text for reset and donate buttons
2010-03-16 andrei1089Fix bug #5395: prevent the loss of current steps on...
2010-03-16 andrei1089Preload settings from GConf
2010-03-16 andrei1089Changes in Singleton - do not run __init__() multiple...
2010-03-10 andrei1089Refactor settings code - now using gconf monitor features
2010-03-06 andrei1089Add Donate button
2010-03-06 andrei1089Add option to set step length manually
2010-03-06 andrei1089Backend code for sensitivity
2010-03-06 andrei1089UI for Sensitivity option
2010-03-06 andrei1089Fix bug #5347 - Weight button showing wrong unit
2010-03-06 andrei1089Imperial units for height
2010-02-28 andrei1089Fix bug #5282 - show advice for best results
2010-02-28 andrei1089Fix bug#5281 - values are not set to 0 after reset
2010-02-28 andrei1089Fix bug #5280 - imperial units not working properly
2010-02-15 andrei1089Fix bug - adding current values to previous day on...
2010-02-14 andrei1089Increase COORD_GET_INTERVAL
2010-02-14 andrei1089Set number of decimal places for calories
2010-02-14 andrei1089Fix bug in close_request
2010-02-14 andrei1089Update UI at midnight
2010-02-14 andrei1089Remove unnecessary try/except
2010-02-14 andrei1089Update calories formula
2010-02-14 andrei1089Add option to set weight
2010-02-14 andrei1089Rename options in settings dialog
2010-02-14 andrei1089Add gconf schema
2010-02-11 andrei1089Add option to show/hie graph in Settings -> Widget...
2010-02-11 andrei1089Fix Reset option
2010-02-11 andrei1089Fix bug to be able to run widget as standalone application
2010-02-11 andrei1089Code to play alarm sound through GStreamer
2010-02-11 andrei1089Subtract operation for PedoValues
2010-02-11 andrei1089Make PedoController more general by appling the Observe...
2010-02-11 andrei1089Added settings for alarm option
2010-02-11 andrei1089Added option to pause timer when not walking
2010-02-11 andrei1089Reserve enough space for ylabels
2010-02-11 andrei1089Center text for graph name
2010-02-11 andrei1089Lots of improvements
2010-02-06 andrei1089New structure for files