2010-02-11 andrei1089Added option to pause timer when not walking
2010-02-11 andrei1089Reserve enough space for ylabels
2010-02-11 andrei1089Center text for graph name
2010-02-11 andrei1089Lots of improvements
2010-02-06 andrei1089Removed temporary files
2010-02-06 andrei1089Merge branch 'master' of
2010-02-06 andrei1089New structure for files
2010-02-02 andrei1089Hide Log data button, it's not useful for end-users
2010-02-02 andrei1089Added build script for py2deb
2010-02-02 andrei1089Change dependency from gnome.gconf to gconf
2010-02-02 andrei1089Fix bug in settings menu
2010-02-02 andrei1089Using Gobject callbacks instead of threads
2010-02-02 andrei1089Added GPL license
2010-02-01 andrei1089Add PannableArea to display settings
2010-02-01 andrei1089Bug fix: distance was not updating according to height
2010-02-01 andrei1089Change font size and color
2010-02-01 andrei1089Added transparency
2010-01-31 andrei1089Added option to log accelerometer data to file
2010-01-25 andrei1089just testing
2010-01-25 rootwelcome
2010-01-25 andrei1089Settings for aspect and units
2010-01-25 andrei1089Showing data in 2 separate columns for current and...
2010-01-25 andrei1089Initial commit