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2010-04-16 Nito MartinezFix package name dependency
2010-04-16 Nito MartinezRemove dependency on dev packages
2010-04-16 Nito MartinezAdd libwx-perl
2010-04-16 Nito MartinezAdded libextutils-xspp-perl
2010-04-16 Nito MartinezAdded new version of libextutils-parsexs-perl
2010-04-16 Nito MartinezAdded libalien-wxwidgets-perl
2010-04-16 Nito MartinezAdded Module::Pluggable
2010-04-16 Nito MartinezAdded libtest-differences-perl
2010-04-15 Nito MartinezAdded libtest-base-perl
2010-04-14 Nito MartinezAdd the following i386 package libfilter-perl
2010-04-14 Nito MartinezAdd the following packages libalgorithm-diff-perl libsp...
2010-04-14 Nito MartinezFix error in dh-make-perl in GetOptions for exclude
2010-04-14 Nito MartinezAdde binary packages
2010-04-13 Nito MartinezModified source files and compiled any and armel versio...