don't use 32bit color depth on N900 (16bit display); on other platforms, use 32bit...
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2012-02-12 Christian Pulvermacherdon't use 32bit color depth on N900 (16bit display...
2012-02-01 Christian PulvermacherShow more detailed error messages
2012-01-30 Christian Pulvermacherreformat
2012-01-30 Christian Pulvermacherupdate description, move to network category
2012-01-29 christianImprove performance of partial repaints
2012-01-20 Christian Pulvermacherdebian/rules: Build libvncclient by default
2012-01-03 christianforgot to add QtDbus; update changelog
2010-11-22 Christian Pulvermacherupdate debian/control, changelog
2010-11-01 Christian Pulvermacherincrement version number
2010-10-28 Christian Pulvermacherrelease 0.7 0.7
2010-10-28 Christian Pulvermacheruse maemo-optify
2010-10-28 Christian Pulvermacherlink libvncclient statically
2010-10-28 Christian Pulvermacheronly build libvncclient instead of the whole library
2010-10-27 Christian Pulvermacheradd 'zoom to cursor' option
2010-10-26 Christian Pulvermacherupdate changelog
2010-10-24 Christian Pulvermacheruse own message display instead of QMaemo5InformationBox
2010-10-23 Christian Pulvermacherprint current magnification during zooming
2010-10-20 Christian Pulvermachermanaged to mess up the changelog, again
2010-10-20 Christian Pulvermacherrelease 0.6 0.6
2010-10-11 Christian Pulvermacherupdate changelog
2010-10-01 Christian Pulvermacherfix timestamp for 0.5 in changelog, increment version...
2010-09-30 Christian Pulvermacherrelease 0.5
2010-09-30 Christian Pulvermacheradd quality setting
2010-09-18 Christian Pulvermacherset Qt::ImhNoAutoUppercase for VncView
2010-09-17 Christian Pulvermacherreally get rid of cursor artifacts
2010-09-15 christiandon't start virtual keyboard with caps lock enabled
2010-09-15 christianfix symbol key
2010-09-11 christianadd key menu
2010-08-26 christianadd bugtracker & project page link
2010-08-25 christianreleased as 0.4
2010-08-23 christianremove some debug output
2010-08-20 christianuse less cpu when minimized
2010-08-19 christianchange history format; fix screen tearing
2010-08-15 christianmove fullscreen button to far right of toolbar; force...
2010-08-12 christianonly enable input method when needed to avoid breaking...
2010-08-04 christianrelease 0.3
2010-08-04 christianadd middle click option to zoom buttons, disable_tappin...
2010-08-03 christiandismissing pw dialog now closes program
2010-08-03 christianadded libvnc/ with RealVNC compatibility fix
2010-08-01 christian0.2: add libjpeg dependency
2010-08-01 christianremove connect/disconnect items because of crash
2010-07-12 christianremove build files..
2010-07-12 christianadd var to allow skipping of libvnc build in debian...
2010-07-12 christianadd debian/ and .desktop file