don't use 32bit color depth on N900 (16bit display); on other platforms, use 32bit...
[presencevnc] / libvnc /
2012-01-20 Christian PulvermacherRemove some more autogenerated files
2011-12-28 Christian Pulvermacherremove auto-generated files from libvnc/
2010-10-28 Christian Pulvermacherremove some debug messages
2010-10-26 Christian Pulvermacherimprove consistency of connect dialog
2010-10-15 Christian Pulvermachercleanup
2010-10-13 Christian Pulvermacherdisconnect now closes listening connections
2010-10-13 Christian Pulvermachercleanup
2010-10-11 Christian Pulvermacherdon't fork when accepting a connection
2010-10-01 Christian Pulvermacherfix timestamp for 0.5 in changelog, increment version...
2010-09-11 christianadd key menu
2010-08-12 christianonly enable input method when needed to avoid breaking...
2010-08-04 christianrelease 0.3
2010-08-04 christianadd middle click option to zoom buttons, disable_tappin...
2010-08-03 christiandismissing pw dialog now closes program
2010-08-03 christianadded libvnc/ with RealVNC compatibility fix
2010-07-22 christianhandle configurable zoom buttons
2010-07-18 christianfix disconnect bug in libvncserver
2010-07-18 christianadd libvncserver