2012-05-01 Christian PulvermacherUpdate web page master
2012-05-01 Christian Pulvermacherbump version
2012-05-01 Christian PulvermacherMake coding style more consistent
2012-02-15 Philippe Covaladd
2012-02-12 Christian PulvermacherRelease 0.8 0.8
2012-02-12 Christian Pulvermacherenable keyboard debugging output
2012-02-12 Christian Pulvermachermake sure fullscreen exit button is shown in lower...
2012-02-12 Christian Pulvermacherdon't use 32bit color depth on N900 (16bit display...
2012-02-05 Christian Pulvermacherfix compile warning
2012-02-04 Christian PulvermacherFix scrolling artifacts (WIP, 2x zoom only for now)
2012-02-04 Christian Pulvermachercheck vnc view is still there after key menu is closed
2012-02-04 Christian Pulvermachercorrectly leave fullscreen mode when connection is...
2012-02-04 Christian Pulvermachergive network thread some more time to shut down
2012-02-01 Christian Pulvermacherupdate about dialog
2012-02-01 Christian Pulvermacherfix includes
2012-02-01 Christian PulvermacherMerge branch 'master' of
2012-02-01 Christian PulvermacherHide 'Exit fullscreen' button during scrolling (improve...
2012-02-01 Christian PulvermacherShow more detailed error messages
2012-01-30 Christian Pulvermacherconst correctness
2012-01-30 Christian PulvermacherShow only zoom slider and fullscreen button in portrait...
2012-01-30 Christian PulvermacherIndicate state of Win/Alt modifiers by making '......
2012-01-30 Christian Pulvermacheralso update .desktop
2012-01-30 Christian Pulvermacherreformat
2012-01-30 Christian Pulvermacherupdate description, move to network category
2012-01-29 Christian Pulvermacheralways show local cursor option didn't apply immediatel...
2012-01-29 Christian Pulvermacheruse update() instead of repaint(); get rid of useless...
2012-01-29 Christian Pulvermacherfor non-maemo builds (i.e. with actual multitasking...
2012-01-29 Christian PulvermacherSet fullscreen button text if icon is unavailable
2012-01-29 christiandisable overshooting during scrolling for performance...
2012-01-29 christiandon't move fullscreen exit button around on every event
2012-01-29 christianImprove performance of partial repaints
2012-01-25 Christian PulvermacherShow view-only state in window title
2012-01-20 Christian Pulvermacherrun astyle (k&r style, indent with 4 spaces)
2012-01-20 Christian Pulvermacheradd explicit link on zlib1g, required by newer gcc...
2012-01-20 Christian Pulvermacherdebian/rules: Build libvncclient by default
2012-01-20 Christian PulvermacherRemove some more autogenerated files
2012-01-03 christianshow current host in title bar
2012-01-03 christianfix indentation
2012-01-03 christianforgot to add QtDbus; update changelog
2011-12-28 Christian Pulvermacherremove auto-generated files from libvnc/
2011-12-28 Christian Pulvermachermaemo: disable updates when screen is off
2011-12-28 Christian Pulvermachercompile with -Wextra
2010-12-08 Christian Pulvermacheradd --listen command line option
2010-11-28 Christian Pulvermacherupdate URL in about dialog
2010-11-28 Christian Pulvermachertest: use different test image to bring out aliasing...
2010-11-28 Christian Pulvermacheradd View only option to connect dialog
2010-11-26 Christian Pulvermacheradd quality field for non-maemo enviroments
2010-11-26 Christian Pulvermachermention ip:port notation in help
2010-11-22 Christian Pulvermacherupdate debian/control, changelog
2010-11-21 Christian Pulvermacheradd website
2010-11-21 Christian Pulvermachermissed one
2010-11-21 Christian Pulvermacherstandardise capitalisation in UI
2010-11-07 Christian Pulvermacherget rid of magic numbers
2010-11-05 Christian Pulvermacherdon't show local cursor in viewonly mode
2010-11-05 Christian Pulvermachercleanup
2010-11-01 Christian Pulvermacherdo some sanity checking on url/quality from command...
2010-11-01 Christian Pulvermacheradd --viewonly comand line option
2010-11-01 Christian Pulvermacherclean header dependencies
2010-11-01 Christian Pulvermacheradd --help
2010-11-01 Christian Pulvermacherincrement version number
2010-10-28 Christian Pulvermacherrelease 0.7 0.7
2010-10-28 Christian Pulvermacheruse maemo-optify
2010-10-28 Christian Pulvermacherremove some debug messages
2010-10-28 Christian Pulvermacherlink libvncclient statically
2010-10-28 Christian Pulvermacherset button text
2010-10-28 Christian Pulvermacheronly build libvncclient instead of the whole library
2010-10-28 Christian PulvermacherMerge branch 'master' of
2010-10-27 Christian Pulvermacherrename getZoomLevel() to zoomLevel()
2010-10-27 Christian Pulvermacheradd 'zoom to cursor' option
2010-10-27 Christian Pulvermacherjust unselect 'listen ...' entry when edited by user
2010-10-27 Christian Pulvermacherreduce header dependencies
2010-10-27 Christian Pulvermacheruse fast transformations during zoom
2010-10-26 Christian Pulvermacheradd more results
2010-10-26 Christian Pulvermacheradd painting benchmark
2010-10-26 Christian Pulvermacherupdate changelog
2010-10-26 Christian Pulvermacherimprove consistency of connect dialog
2010-10-24 Christian Pulvermacherset doubleclick timeout to 1/2s; further cleanup
2010-10-24 Christian Pulvermacherremove forceRepaint()
2010-10-24 Christian Pulvermacherdoubleclicking slider sets 100% zoom
2010-10-24 Christian Pulvermachersimplify repaints
2010-10-24 Christian Pulvermachertest removing some duplicate code
2010-10-24 Christian Pulvermachercleanup
2010-10-24 Christian Pulvermacherchange 'Connect' button to 'Listen' when appropriate
2010-10-24 Christian Pulvermachermake setZoomLevel() use VncView::getZoomFactor()
2010-10-24 Christian Pulvermacherincrement version number
2010-10-24 Christian Pulvermacheruse own message display instead of QMaemo5InformationBox
2010-10-23 Christian Pulvermacherprint current magnification during zooming
2010-10-20 Christian Pulvermachermanaged to mess up the changelog, again
2010-10-20 Christian Pulvermacherrelease 0.6 0.6
2010-10-20 Christian Pulvermachertake scrollbar width into consideration when zooming
2010-10-19 Christian Pulvermacherdon't miss early connection errors
2010-10-17 Christian Pulvermacherkeep zoom level when toggling toolbar, going to fullscreen
2010-10-16 Christian Pulvermacherfix deadlock when password dialog is cancelled
2010-10-15 Christian Pulvermachercleanup
2010-10-13 Christian Pulvermacherdisconnect now closes listening connections
2010-10-13 Christian Pulvermacherremove duplicate header files
2010-10-13 Christian Pulvermacherdon't show 'Connection Lost' message when user requeste...
2010-10-13 Christian Pulvermacheronly enable toolbar when we're connected
2010-10-13 Christian Pulvermacherallow user to set quality and port for incoming connections
2010-10-13 Christian Pulvermacherfix memory leak