2010-10-20 Christian Pulvermacherrelease 0.6 0.6
2010-10-20 Christian Pulvermachertake scrollbar width into consideration when zooming
2010-10-19 Christian Pulvermacherdon't miss early connection errors
2010-10-17 Christian Pulvermacherkeep zoom level when toggling toolbar, going to fullscreen
2010-10-16 Christian Pulvermacherfix deadlock when password dialog is cancelled
2010-10-15 Christian Pulvermachercleanup
2010-10-13 Christian Pulvermacherdisconnect now closes listening connections
2010-10-13 Christian Pulvermacherremove duplicate header files
2010-10-13 Christian Pulvermacherdon't show 'Connection Lost' message when user requeste...
2010-10-13 Christian Pulvermacheronly enable toolbar when we're connected
2010-10-13 Christian Pulvermacherallow user to set quality and port for incoming connections
2010-10-13 Christian Pulvermacherfix memory leak
2010-10-13 Christian Pulvermacherremove toolbar context menu
2010-10-13 Christian Pulvermacherfix refresh issues
2010-10-13 Christian Pulvermachercleanup
2010-10-12 Christian Pulvermacherzoom into center of visible area
2010-10-11 Christian Pulvermachercompiler warnings
2010-10-11 Christian Pulvermachermake 1:1 zoom easier
2010-10-11 Christian Pulvermacherupdate changelog
2010-10-11 Christian Pulvermacherfix refresh issues when zooming
2010-10-11 Christian Pulvermacheradd 'listen for incoming connections' option to host...
2010-10-11 Christian Pulvermachermove zoom slider into toolbar
2010-10-11 Christian Pulvermacherdon't fork when accepting a connection
2010-10-10 Christian Pulvermacherfix history
2010-10-07 Christian Pulvermacherremove temp files
2010-10-07 Christian Pulvermacherfix ghastly deadlock/crash during exit
2010-10-06 Christian Pulvermacherfix redrawing after connecting
2010-10-06 Christian Pulvermacherkeep cursor position in connect dialog
2010-10-06 Christian Pulvermachertrying to pinpoint crash on exit
2010-10-05 Christian Pulvermacherfix crash when rfbInitClient() fails
2010-10-05 Christian Pulvermacherkeep zoom level when resized
2010-10-04 Christian Pulvermacherremove 'fit to screen' menu option, save zoom level
2010-10-04 Christian Pulvermacherre-add extrapixels to get rid of artefacts
2010-10-03 Christian Pulvermacheruse fast transformation for 2x zoom
2010-10-03 Christian Pulvermacherzoom bar mostly working
2010-10-03 Christian Pulvermacherreworked about dialog
2010-10-03 Christian Pulvermacheradded zoom bar prototype
2010-10-01 Christian Pulvermacherfix timestamp for 0.5 in changelog, increment version...
2010-09-30 Christian Pulvermacherrelease 0.5
2010-09-30 Christian Pulvermacherincrease local cursor size to 7x7px
2010-09-30 Christian Pulvermacheradd quality setting
2010-09-29 Christian Pulvermacheradd Pause, Print, Menu keys
2010-09-29 Christian Pulvermachercursor rectangle was 1px too big
2010-09-29 Christian Pulvermacherhandle newer config files
2010-09-20 Christian Pulvermacherremove debug output
2010-09-20 Christian Pulvermacherreset KeyMenu when connecting
2010-09-18 Christian Pulvermacherset Qt::ImhNoAutoUppercase for VncView
2010-09-17 Christian Pulvermacherreally get rid of cursor artifacts
2010-09-17 Christian Pulvermacherget rid of local cursor artifacts
2010-09-16 Christian Pulvermacheradd option for local cursor
2010-09-15 christiandon't start virtual keyboard with caps lock enabled
2010-09-15 Christian Pulvermacherhandle hardware mid/right clicks
2010-09-15 christianfix symbol key
2010-09-13 christiandraw XORed cursor, minor fixes
2010-09-12 Christian Pulvermacherdraw local cursor ourselves
2010-09-11 christianvarious fixes
2010-09-11 Christian Pulvermacherfix dot cursor
2010-09-11 Christian Pulvermacherhide menubar in fullscreen
2010-09-11 Christian PulvermacherIncrease portability
2010-09-11 christianadd key menu
2010-08-26 christiancleanup
2010-08-26 christianremove unused icon
2010-08-26 christianadd bugtracker & project page link
2010-08-25 christianreleased as 0.4
2010-08-23 christianremove some debug output
2010-08-23 christiangrow update rectangle when rescaling
2010-08-20 christianuse less cpu when minimized
2010-08-19 christianchange history format; fix screen tearing
2010-08-17 christianadd history to connect dialog
2010-08-15 christianmove fullscreen button to far right of toolbar; force...
2010-08-12 christianadd return key to toolbar as input method is broken
2010-08-12 christianonly enable input method when needed to avoid breaking...
2010-08-04 christianrelease 0.3
2010-08-04 christianadd middle click option to zoom buttons, disable_tappin...
2010-08-03 christianbreak loop when started with wrong passwd from command...
2010-08-03 christiandismissing pw dialog now closes program
2010-08-03 christianadded libvnc/ with RealVNC compatibility fix
2010-08-01 christian0.2: add libjpeg dependency
2010-08-01 christianremove connect/disconnect items because of crash
2010-07-22 christiandon't send wheel events twice
2010-07-22 christianactually save zoom button settings
2010-07-22 christianhandle configurable zoom buttons
2010-07-18 christianfix disconnect bug in libvncserver
2010-07-18 christianadd libvncserver
2010-07-18 christianremove magic numbers
2010-07-18 christianadd preferences dialog
2010-07-17 christianremove modifiers present on hw keyboard
2010-07-13 christianforce resize after rotation
2010-07-13 christianresize vnc_view when available space changes, rotation...
2010-07-13 christianadd Tab, PgUp/Dn, Fullscreen buttons
2010-07-12 christiandisable toolbar when disconnected
2010-07-12 christianremove build files..
2010-07-12 christianadd toolbar
2010-07-12 christianrename binary
2010-07-12 christianadd var to allow skipping of libvnc build in debian...
2010-07-12 christianadd debian/ and .desktop file
2010-07-11 christianshow status changes, save last hostname, add toolbar
2010-07-06 christianimported project