2011-09-24 Max WatermanAltered changelog and fixes to project file. master
2011-09-17 Max WatermanIncorporated changes from bus project.
2011-09-16 Max WatermanMoved files to make zouba the only project.
2010-05-16 Max WatermanChanges: removed locations singleton.
2010-04-25 Max WatermanFixes: Unit test project files.
2010-04-25 Max WatermanChanges: added notification for address resolution...
2010-04-24 Max WatermanFixed: problem with invalid addresses; version 0.8
2010-04-23 Max WatermanChanges: disabled selection on the route detail table
2010-04-23 Max WatermanChanges: release 0.7
2010-04-23 Max WatermanChanges: Added column headers to route detail table
2010-04-22 Max WatermanMerge branch 'master' of
2010-04-22 Max WatermanChanges: display route legs in table; removed message...
2010-04-22 Max WatermanChanges: parses comprehensive route data
2010-04-22 Max WatermanChanges: parses comprehensive route data
2010-04-20 Max WatermanChanges: Changed the route table to a layout of buttons...
2010-04-20 Max WatermanChanges: gps controller uses labels for fake gps
2010-04-19 Max WatermanChanges: layout change ready for multiple routes; chang...
2010-04-19 Max WatermanChanged package description to indicate Helsinki only
2010-04-17 Aki KoskinenAdded hidden objects and moc directories to
2010-04-17 Aki KoskinenExtracted more common stuff to ut_common.pri
2010-04-17 Aki KoskinenMerge branch 'common_services'
2010-04-17 Aki KoskinenRenamed KKJ class to KKJGridCoordinate common_services
2010-04-16 Max WatermanChanges: added routes with transfers (only displays...
2010-04-15 Max WatermanChanges: added ut_gpscontroller
2010-04-13 Max WatermanChanges: tweaks to unit tests
2010-04-13 Max WatermanChanges: 0.3 release, app manager icon
2010-04-12 Max WatermanChanges: (re)added and corrected zouba tests
2010-04-12 Max WatermanChanges: cleanup and corrections for autobuilder
2010-04-09 Aki KoskinenCoordinate system transformer
2010-04-09 Aki KoskinenAddition to KKJ class documentation.
2010-03-28 Aki KoskinenAdded assignment operator to KKJ class.
2010-03-28 Aki KoskinenAdded operator== to KKJ class.
2010-03-28 Aki Koskinen.gitignore update
2010-03-28 Max WatermanAdded new settings button to set a fake current locatio...
2010-03-27 Aki KoskinenChanged KKJ class to use private member implementation
2010-03-27 Aki KoskinenAdded KKJ coordinate class
2010-03-27 Aki KoskinenAdded common utilities source directory to unit test...
2010-03-26 Max WatermanRemoved the .service file, and removed the service...
2010-03-24 Max WatermanAdding mkspecs.
2010-03-24 Max WatermanAdded icon.
2010-03-24 Max WatermanAdded 'optimize' parameter set to 'leastwalking' to...
2010-03-23 Max WatermanChanged to MADDE; moved sb1 files to zouba.sb1 and...
2010-03-23 Max WatermanAdded menu option to show/hide messages table.
2010-03-23 Max WatermanWorks now without any existing location settings, enabl...
2010-03-22 Max WatermanAdded facility to restore and save locations, and set...
2010-03-22 Max WatermanChanged gpscontroller to just record the most recent...
2010-03-21 Aki KoskinenUnit test template using GMock
2010-03-21 Aki KoskinenAdded 'check' target for tests
2010-03-21 Max WatermanAdded dialogs to change home and work locations.
2010-03-21 Aki KoskinenAdded
2010-03-21 Aki KoskinenMerge branch 'common_services'
2010-03-21 Aki KoskinenIntroduced common unit test .pri file
2010-03-21 Aki KoskinenExtracted a GMock helper .pri file to be used from...
2010-03-21 Aki KoskinenA test how to use QSignalSpy with GMock
2010-03-21 Aki KoskinenGMock unit test tryout
2010-03-21 Aki KoskinenAdded moc files to .gitignore
2010-03-21 Max WatermanMoved to radio buttons
2010-03-21 Max Watermanmade message table fit the width of the screen
2010-03-20 Max Waterman1) new status messages
2010-03-20 Aki KoskinenUnit testing template using QTestLib
2010-03-18 Max WatermanChanges:
2010-03-17 Max WatermanChanges: fixed buttons and table
2010-03-16 Max WatermanChanges: changed UI, walking speed, time format
2010-03-15 Max WatermanChanges: added GPS class and made app get from location...
2010-03-14 Aki KoskinenScript for getting GMock in place
2010-03-03 Aki KoskinenMerge branch 'getmehome'
2010-03-01 Max WatermanFixed encoding issue so can now enter addresses in...
2010-03-01 Max WatermanAdded a toggle button, and fields to set home and work...
2010-02-28 Max WatermanAdded a toggle button, and fields to set home and work...
2010-02-28 Max WatermanAdded address resolution, and moved everything up one...
2010-02-27 Max WatermanRemoved leading zeros of line codes, and fixed unit...
2010-02-27 Max WatermanMoved method to parse JORE code into private class.
2010-02-27 Max WatermanAdded code to Route class to parse the JORE code.
2010-02-27 Max WatermanRenamed the httpclient class.
2010-02-26 Max WatermanMoved the from and to locations out of HttpClient into...
2010-02-24 Max WatermanRefactor for testing and a unit test.
2010-02-14 Aki KoskinenUse real home location getmehome
2010-02-14 Aki KoskinenQuote the URL parameter
2010-02-14 Aki KoskinenConstruct a real URL from the data and launch that...
2010-02-14 Aki Koskinen- Separated location tracking start/stop to their own...
2010-02-14 Aki KoskinenFirst tryout version for launching the browser from...
2010-02-07 Aki KoskinenAdapted the unit test Makefile to the directory structu...
2010-02-07 Aki KoskinenMoved desktop widget code to a subdirectory.
2010-02-07 Aki KoskinenImplemented KKJ<->WGS84 transformations in C.
2010-02-07 Max WatermanMerge branch 'master' of
2010-02-07 Max WatermanBasics to get xml from ytv server and parse the xml.
2010-02-07 Aki KoskinenMoved coordinate transformation proto to a subdirectory
2010-02-06 Max WatermanChanged zouba directory heirarchy.
2010-02-06 Max WatermanAdded wrt files, prior to converting into Qt/C++.
2010-01-31 Aki KoskinenTest script in python for coordinate transformation...
2010-01-30 Aki KoskinenAdded .gitignore
2010-01-30 Aki KoskinenInitial import
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