Added a bugtracking URL to debian/control
[pwnitter] /
2011-01-13 Tobias MuellerUsed the Useragent from the sniffed client
2011-01-13 Tobias MuellerAdded capability of sending one message only
2011-01-13 Tobias MuellerCleaned up messy logic in pwn
2011-01-13 Tobias MuellerUsed urllib2 to read initial page from twitter
2011-01-13 Tobias MuellerIntroduced logging to pwn() by replacing all prints
2011-01-13 Tobias MuellerPrepare file configured logging
2011-01-13 Tobias MuellerAdded self as tear_down_monitor argument *blush*
2011-01-13 Tobias Muellerfixup: make pcap read from the file
2011-01-13 Tobias MuellerFixed a "device not find" name error
2011-01-13 Tobias MuellerAdded OptParse interface and selection of the DBus...
2011-01-12 Tobias MuellerAdded StartFromFile to DBus Interface to call Pwnitter...
2011-01-12 Tobias Muellersetup and tear down monitor in separate functions and...
2010-12-20 Tobias MuellerUpdated default status message to be posted
2010-12-20 Tobias MuellerGeneralised the Twitter auth token detection
2010-12-20 Tobias MuellerRemoved the homebrewn select() and put the fd of the...
2010-12-20 Tobias MuellerInitial checkin