Fix compilation error using python2.7
[python-purple] / request_cbs.pxd
2009-06-16 Bruno AbinaderRemoved unused/duplicated/deprecated includes.
2009-03-02 Bruno AbinaderReplaced all 'dict.has_key(item)' with 'item in dict...
2009-02-28 Ragner MagalhaesFixing support to request_action callback
2009-02-28 Ragner MagalhaesRemoved aliases for C-libpurple functions.
2009-02-28 Ragner MagalhaesUpdated request_cbs.pxd.
2009-02-28 Ragner MagalhaesFixed debug messages warning.
2009-02-28 Ragner MagalhaesUpdated callback strings to comply with libpurple.
2009-02-28 Ragner MagalhaesAdded PurpleRequestUiOps callbacks. (UPDATE)