2012-05-19 Florian Schweikertfixing bug, if time is 24:00 master
2012-05-15 Florian Schweikertfixing
2012-05-15 Florian Schweikertput screenshots and icon in package
2012-05-15 Florian Schweikertscreenshots
2012-05-01 Florian Schweikertfixed deltatime calculation bug
2012-03-15 Florian Schweikertversion number fix
2012-03-15 Florian Schweikertremove results header
2012-03-15 Florian SchweikertAdded missing qml file MapView
2012-03-14 Florian SchweikertMerge branch 'master' of
2012-03-14 Florian Schweikertreplaced get_departures with DataModel in pyside
2012-03-14 Thomas PerlFavorites draft implementation
2012-03-14 Thomas PerlIncrease hit area of LinePad
2012-03-14 Florian SchweikertMerge branch 'master' of
2012-03-14 Thomas PerlMerge branch 'master' of
2012-03-14 Thomas PerlSettings GUI improvements
2012-03-14 Florian Schweikertnightline icon
2012-03-14 Thomas PerlVarious UI fixes
2012-02-15 Florian Schweikertmenu entry for mapview (experimental)
2012-02-15 Florian Schweikertdelete outdated testrunner
2012-02-15 Florian SchweikertDeparture object changes, tests, small fix
2012-01-25 Florian Schweikertcolorize underground, fixing line lock
2012-01-19 Florian Schweikertshow restart notification after db update
2012-01-19 Florian Schweikertadded missing py files
2012-01-19 Florian Schweikertadded testfiles
2012-01-19 Florian SchweikertSettings page experimental
2012-01-18 Christian RatzenhoferAdded splash screens
2012-01-14 Florian Schweikertextract lines and stations from itip
2012-01-13 Florian Schweikertfixed signature generation
2012-01-13 Christian RatzenhoferFix generation of hashes for package scripts
2012-01-12 Christian RatzenhoferAdd generation of digsigsums for control.tar.gz to...
2012-01-12 Christian RatzenhoferFix indentation of last commit :$
2012-01-12 Christian RatzenhoferAdd custom distutils command to take care of aegis...
2012-01-11 Thomas PerlAdd some screenshots for later (OBS, etc..)
2012-01-11 Thomas PerlChange README for easy copy'n'paste action ;)
2012-01-11 Thomas PerlCleanup and restructure the main UI
2012-01-11 Thomas PerlFix build instructions for the .deb
2012-01-11 Thomas PerlVarious improvements to LinePad + UI flow
2012-01-11 Thomas PerlAdd About Box, restructure main toolbar
2012-01-11 Thomas PerlImplement LinePad for easy line selection
2012-01-11 Thomas PerlAdd Aegis token request file (Fixes #16)
2012-01-10 Florian Schweikertversion bump
2012-01-10 Florian SchweikertMerge into experimental
2012-01-10 Florian Schweikertgps support implemented in qml
2012-01-10 Stefan Kögluppercase line names (fixes #14)
2012-01-10 Stefan Köglfix shebang
2011-12-16 Florian Schweikertrewrote routing unittests
2011-12-16 Florian Schweikertunittest enhanced
2011-12-16 Florian Schweikertfixed unittest
2011-12-16 Florian Schweikert12 new nosetests for departure parsing
2011-12-07 Florian Schweikertdisable console logging
2011-12-07 Florian Schweikertadded sorting of nearby departures
2011-12-07 Florian Schweikertadded utils function for sorting Departures
2011-12-07 Florian Schweikertfixed Departure.departure_time() timedelta bug
2011-12-07 Florian Schweikertnew unittests
2011-11-25 Florian Schweikertfixing lowfloor bug
2011-11-20 Florian Schweikertexperimental gps support
2011-11-19 kelvanChange QStringList to QVariant for Departures
2011-11-02 Florian Schweikertget nearby stations from sqlite3 db
2011-10-31 Florian Schweikertadd first maemo5 deb config
2011-10-31 Florian Schweikertfixing with_statement import
2011-10-31 Florian Schweikertimport with_statement for older python versions
2011-10-31 Florian Schweikertpython2.5 compatibility enhancement
2011-10-28 Florian Schweikertversion changed
2011-10-28 Florian Schweikertfixed loading bug
2011-10-24 Florian SchweikertReplace urllib2.urlopen with own FancyURLOpener, sendin...
2011-10-23 Florian Schweikertcorrect version
2011-10-23 Florian Schweikertcaching for lines and stations (saved as json)
2011-10-23 Florian Schweikertfixed caching classes
2011-10-22 Florian Schweikertstarted with caching classes
2011-10-19 Florian SchweikertFixing some errorhandling bugs
2011-10-18 Florian Schweikertchanged get_departure, return list of Departure objects...
2011-10-17 Florian Schweikertfixed/workaround "Siebenhirte" bug
2011-10-17 Florian SchweikertAdded experimental LineSheet to replace lineSelector
2011-10-17 Florian Schweikertextract statioenSheet to own qml file
2011-10-17 Florian Schweikertstrip long stations in resultlist
2011-10-17 Florian Schweikertremoved wildcard qt import
2011-10-16 Florian Schweikertjust small format changes
2011-10-15 Florian SchweikertShow next 90 minutes instead of 30 minutes, necessary...
2011-10-14 Florian Schweikertadded missing error classes
2011-10-14 Florian Schweikertfixed underground departure parsing
2011-10-14 Florian Schweikertadded Line class as container for stuff like station...
2011-10-14 Thomas PerlAdd support for displaying realtime results + refreshing
2011-10-14 Thomas PerlAdd preliminary station chooser UI for realtime
2011-10-14 Thomas PerlAdd support for searching/displaying available lines
2011-10-14 Thomas Perlstdeb-based packaging for Harmattan
2011-10-14 Thomas PerlRename main script to avoid camelCase
2011-10-14 Thomas PerlMove files around, add logo to start page
2011-10-12 Florian Schweikertprint result to console
2011-10-12 Florian Schweikertfirst attempt to connect qml gui to pyside
2011-10-12 Florian SchweikertRealtime search gui mockup
2011-10-12 Florian Schweikertcleanup qml files
2011-10-10 Florian Schweikertjust testing qml possibilities
2011-10-07 Florian Schweikertfixed merging
2011-10-07 Florian SchweikertMerge branch 'master' into experimental
2011-10-07 Florian Schweikertskip station if terminal
2011-10-06 Florian Schweikertcombined date and time, renamed to timespan
2011-10-06 Florian Schweikertchanged date, time to datetime in overview part
2011-09-30 Florian Schweikertlinebreak after "Searching..."
2011-09-30 Florian Schweikertset width of "hlines" to 79
2011-09-30 Florian SchweikertEdited scotty via GitHub