2009-07-08 Riku VoipioMerge branch 'master' of /home/nchip/public_html/qemu... master
2009-06-26 Riku Voipioadd watchdog and some pm registers to 4b group
2009-06-26 Juha Riihimäkinand emulation fixes
2009-06-08 Juha Riihimäkifix OneNAND erase/write
2009-06-08 Juha Riihimäkifix I2C slave addressing
2009-06-08 Riku VoipioMerge commit 'gnu/master' into test
2009-06-08 Riku Voipioadd futex print to strace
2009-06-07 Jan Kiszkakvm: Improve upgrade notes when facing unsupported...
2009-06-07 Blue SwirlFix generation of CONFIG_KVM
2009-06-07 Stuart BradyUse hxtool for qemu-img command list
2009-06-06 Stefan Weildoc: Update information on supported network adapters.
2009-06-06 Gerd Hoffmannxen: net backend doesn't need linux headers.
2009-06-06 Kevin WolfDocument changes in qemu-img interface
2009-06-06 Kevin Wolfqemu-img: Print available options with -o ?
2009-06-06 Stefan WeilFix spelling in comment.
2009-06-06 Blue SwirlUse hxtool to generate monitor documentation and C...
2009-06-06 Paul BrookUse correct type for SPARC cpu_cc_op
2009-06-06 Paul BrookFix typo
2009-06-05 Gerd Hoffmannqdev: add monitor command to dump the tree.
2009-06-05 Paul BrookRecord device property types
2009-06-05 Paul BrookFix elf loader range checking
2009-06-04 Paul BrookRemove ARM NVIC initialization hack
2009-06-04 Paul BrookAdd --enable-debug
2009-06-04 Gerd Hoffmannqdev: kill DeviceState->name
2009-06-04 Nathan Froydfix gdbstub support for multiple threads in usermode, v3
2009-06-03 Edgar E. IglesiasCRIS: Remove duplicated flag defines.
2009-06-03 Edgar E. Iglesiasmicroblaze: Fix loading of petalogix s3adsp1800 dtb.
2009-06-03 Paul BrookStellaris qdev conversion
2009-06-02 Paul BrookImplement multiple samplers on stellaris ADC
2009-05-30 Paul BrookUse relative path for bios
2009-05-28 Edgar E. IglesiasUpdate maintainer list.
2009-05-28 Riku Voipioadd futex wake op
2009-05-28 Anthony LiguoriInstall keymaps from new location
2009-05-28 Christoph Hellwigvvfat: one more missing BlockDriver C99 initializer...
2009-05-28 Anthony LiguoriMove keymaps into pc-bios
2009-05-28 Jan Kiszkakvm: Mark full address range dirty on live migration...
2009-05-28 Sebastian HerbsztAdd detection of pthread library name
2009-05-28 Alexander GrafUser networking: Show active connections
2009-05-27 Alexander GrafUser Networking: Enable removal of redirections
2009-05-27 Chris LalancetteAllow monitor interaction when using migrate -exec
2009-05-27 Christoph Hellwigfully split aio_pool from BlockDriver
2009-05-27 Christoph Hellwigqcow: add qcow_aio_setup helper
2009-05-27 Christoph Hellwigraw-posix: fix hdev_create
2009-05-27 Christoph Hellwigfix raw_pread_aligned return value
2009-05-27 Stefan WeilVNC: Fix memory allocation (wrong structure size).
2009-05-27 Kevin WolfDrop bdrv_create2
2009-05-27 Kevin Wolfqcow2: Update multiple refcounts at once
2009-05-27 Kevin Wolfqcow2: Refactor update_refcount
2009-05-27 Kevin Wolfqcow/qcow2: Drop synchronous qcow_write()
2009-05-27 Kevin Wolfe1000: Ignore reset command
2009-05-27 Kevin WolfFix output of uninitialized strings
2009-05-27 Edgar E. Iglesiasmicroblaze: Conditionalize FDT features.
2009-05-26 Edgar E. Iglesiasdoc: Briefly mention CRIS and MicroBlaze.
2009-05-26 Edgar E. Iglesiasmicroblaze: Make writes to MMU_ZPR flush the TLB.
2009-05-26 Edgar E. Iglesiasmicroblaze: Correct typo.
2009-05-26 Edgar E. Iglesiasmicroblaze: Hook into the build-system.
2009-05-26 Edgar E. Iglesiasmicroblaze: Add GDB stub support.
2009-05-26 Edgar E. Iglesiasmicroblaze: Add petalogix s3a1800dsp MMU linux ref...
2009-05-26 Edgar E. Iglesiasxilinx: Add ethlite emulation.
2009-05-26 Edgar E. Iglesiasxilinx: Add uartlite emulation.
2009-05-26 Edgar E. Iglesiasxilinx: Add OPB timer.
2009-05-26 Edgar E. Iglesiasxilinx: Add interrupt controller.
2009-05-26 Edgar E. Iglesiasmicroblaze: Add CPU interrupt wrapper logic.
2009-05-26 Edgar E. Iglesiasmicroblaze: Add MMU emulation.
2009-05-26 Edgar E. Iglesiasmicroblaze: Add disassembler.
2009-05-26 Edgar E. Iglesiasmicroblaze: linux-user support.
2009-05-26 Edgar E. Iglesiasmicroblaze: Add syscall, signal and termbits defs for...
2009-05-26 Edgar E. Iglesiasmicroblaze: Add translation routines.
2009-05-26 Paul BrookRemove temporary config-host.h
2009-05-26 Paul BrookRemove qdev irq sink handling
2009-05-26 Riku Voipiomodify pipe2
2009-05-26 Riku Voipiofix strace.c build on etch
2009-05-25 Paul BrookAdd dummy command to submakefiles
2009-05-24 Paul BrookRemove unused variable
2009-05-23 Stefan WeilETRAX: Removed unused struct entry and fixed Windows...
2009-05-22 Paul BrookAdd common BusState
2009-05-22 Paul BrookFix lance segfaults
2009-05-22 Paul BrookAvoid errors when curl-config does not exist
2009-05-22 Anthony Liguoribios: Use the correct mask to size the PCI option ROM BAR
2009-05-22 Jan Kiszkax86: Add support for resume flag
2009-05-22 Jan Kiszkanet: Fix dump time stamps
2009-05-22 Alexander GrafAdd HTTP protocol using curl v6
2009-05-22 Jason WesselUSB serial device support
2009-05-22 Jason Wesselserial: fix lost character after sysrq
2009-05-22 Jason Wesselusb-serial: implement break event.
2009-05-22 Jan Kiszkaslirp: Reassign same address to same DHCP client
2009-05-22 Jan Kiszkakvm: x86: Save/restore KVM-specific CPU states
2009-05-22 Jan Kiszkakvm: Rework VCPU reset
2009-05-22 Jan KiszkaIntroduce reset notifier order
2009-05-22 Jan Kiszkakvm: Fix framebuffer dirty log sync
2009-05-22 Jan Kiszkakvm: Add missing bits to support live migration
2009-05-22 Jan Kiszkakvm: Rework dirty bitmap synchronization
2009-05-22 Jan Kiszkakvm: Fix dirty log temporary buffer size
2009-05-22 Jan Kiszkakvm: Introduce kvm_set_migration_log
2009-05-22 Jan Kiszkakvm: Conditionally apply workaround for KVM slot handli...
2009-05-22 Kevin Wolfqcow2: Allow different cluster sizes
2009-05-22 Kevin WolfConvert qemu-img convert to new bdrv_create
2009-05-22 Kevin WolfConvert qemu-img create to new bdrv_create
2009-05-22 Kevin WolfConvert all block drivers to new bdrv_create
2009-05-22 Kevin WolfCreate qemu-option.h