2010-04-17 Charles ClémentClear entry line when charging a new quiz master
2010-03-19 Charles ClémentAdd couple minutes
2010-02-24 Charles ClémentAdd a couple simpler solutions to capital quiz file
2010-02-20 Charles ClémentFix desktop default size
2010-02-18 Charles ClémentFix icons path and name
2010-02-17 Charles ClémentUpdate application name
2010-02-17 Charles ClémentAdd about dialog
2010-02-17 Charles ClémentUpdate quiz files install path
2010-02-17 Charles ClémentUpdate quiz files
2010-02-17 Charles ClémentAdd quiz description
2010-02-17 Charles ClémentAdd quiz subset question handling
2010-02-17 Charles ClémentUpdate constant quiz file
2010-02-17 Charles ClémentAdd .desktop file, update icons install paths
2010-02-17 Charles ClémentAdd icons files
2010-02-16 Charles ClémentRemove welcome file
2010-02-16 Charles ClémentInitial commit
2010-02-09 rootwelcome