Added Q_FUNC_INFO macros to some functions.
[qtrapids] / src / engine / AlertWaiterThread.h
2010-01-28 lvaatamoinen- License texts modified to GPLv2
2009-11-18 deztructorformatting is changed according to last astyle settings
2009-11-18 deztructorCode formatting/indentation unified in trunk
2009-11-06 lvaatamoinen- Added buildconf.pri to hold the master-level build...
2009-10-27 lvaatamoinen- Torrent addign and removal functional
2009-10-22 lvaatamoinen- Added PreferencesDialog with settings saving and...
2009-10-21 lvaatamoinen-Added QTorrentHandle and started torrent adding implem...
2009-10-20 lvaatamoinen- Added AlertWaiter and QBittorentSession