Added build script of Debian
[qtrapids] / src / plugins /
2010-01-28 lvaatamoinen- License texts modified to GPLv2
2009-11-24 lvaatamoinen- Additional (plugin)tabs closable in MainWindow
2009-11-23 lvaatamoinen- SearchPlugin checks for Content-type -header, so...
2009-11-20 lvaatamoinen- Search plugin parses opensearch.xml files and adds...
2009-11-20 lvaatamoinen-Added some error checking to torrent file writing
2009-11-19 lvaatamoinen- DownloadManager code in place
2009-11-18 lvaatamoinen- Search plugin interface changed: enum constants to...
2009-11-18 deztructorformatting is changed according to last astyle settings
2009-11-18 lvaatamoinen-Code formatted using script
2009-11-18 lvaatamoinen- Plugin interface added to MainWindow
2009-11-18 deztructorCode formatting/indentation unified in trunk
2009-11-17 lvaatamoinen- Added PluginInterface and SearchPlugin