2012-02-19 lvaatamoinenAdded Q_FUNC_INFO macros to some functions. master
2012-02-19 lvaatamoinenVery rough initial implementation of torrent adding...
2012-01-30 lvaatamoinenAdded test torrent files to right place, $HOME/MyDocs.
2012-01-29 lvaatamoinenAdded TorrentPickerPage.
2012-01-29 lvaatamoinenModified CMakeLists back to build on Harmattan.
2012-01-29 lvaatamoinenRemoved proxy files that are generated from dbus XML...
2012-01-29 lvaatamoinenReverted main.cpp back to commit r79.
2012-01-29 lvaatamoinenReverted invalid commit 82
2012-01-29 lvaatamoinenInitial commit for the QML client:
2010-02-10 koplaFixed qmake path (Qt 4.6)
2010-02-01 koplaChanged description field
2010-02-01 lvaatamoinen- Added rasterbar libtorrent license text to COPYING
2010-02-01 lvaatamoinen- Licence text updated to only allow GPLv2
2010-02-01 koplaAdded debian/control
2010-02-01 koplaAdded build script of Debian
2010-01-29 koplaRemoved seedview (invisible)
2010-01-28 koplaMaemo build fix
2010-01-28 lvaatamoinen- License texts modified to GPLv2
2010-01-28 koplaMinor fixes
2010-01-21 lvaatamoinen- Added daemon start functionality
2010-01-19 lvaatamoinen- Fixed build error
2010-01-19 lvaatamoinen- Fixed KineticScrolling due to Qt 4.6.1 changes.
2010-01-18 lvaatamoinen- Added install targets
2010-01-18 lvaatamoinen- Fixed maemo-specific build opts
2010-01-18 lvaatamoinen- Corrected Cmakelists because of broken build
2010-01-18 lvaatamoinen- Renamed client to qtrapids-gui
2010-01-18 lvaatamoinen- Register also GUI DBus-client to DBus
2010-01-13 lvaatamoinen- Corrected CMakeLists.txt files to allow proper out...
2010-01-08 lvaatamoinen- Implementde server process termination from client UI
2010-01-08 lvaatamoinen- ColumnSelectorDialog modified for Maemo5 Qt support...
2010-01-07 lvaatamoinen- Scrollbar added to column selector
2009-12-31 lvaatamoinen- DownloadView columns can be now hidden by user prefer...
2009-12-23 lvaatamoinen- Added rate limit preferences to DBus client/server...
2009-12-16 lvaatamoinen- Fixes: Restoring download rate setting on startup...
2009-12-15 lvaatamoinen- Uncommitted files
2009-12-10 lvaatamoinen- Added session-level upload/download-rate limit prefer...
2009-11-24 lvaatamoinen- Additional (plugin)tabs closable in MainWindow
2009-11-24 deztructorData model for settings/options updates
2009-11-24 deztructorServer methods to store/get options
2009-11-24 deztructorDown/Up rates nice formatting
2009-11-23 lvaatamoinen- removed some unnecessary commented-out test codes
2009-11-23 lvaatamoinen- SearchPlugin checks for Content-type -header, so...
2009-11-20 lvaatamoinen- Search plugin parses opensearch.xml files and adds...
2009-11-20 lvaatamoinen-Added some error checking to torrent file writing
2009-11-19 lvaatamoinen- DownloadManager code in place
2009-11-18 lvaatamoinen- Search plugin interface changed: enum constants to...
2009-11-18 deztructorServer session persistence is implemented
2009-11-18 deztructorformatting is changed according to last astyle settings
2009-11-18 deztructorastyle formatting options changed
2009-11-18 lvaatamoinen-Code formatted
2009-11-18 lvaatamoinen-Code formatted using script
2009-11-18 lvaatamoinen- Plugin interface added to MainWindow
2009-11-18 deztructorCode formatting/indentation unified in trunk
2009-11-18 deztructorScript to unify code formatting according to "ansi...
2009-11-17 deztructorCorrect support for multiply clients
2009-11-17 lvaatamoinen- Added PluginInterface and SearchPlugin
2009-11-17 deztructoris_new attribute added to the torrent state information
2009-11-17 deztructorfix for div/0
2009-11-17 deztructoralerting race condition fix
2009-11-17 deztructorrestore support for current stable libtorrent (/w boost...
2009-11-17 deztructorformatting progress as percents
2009-11-16 deztructorClient-server through DBus, cmake support
2009-11-06 lvaatamoinen- Namespaced QBittorrentSession and QTorrentHandle...
2009-11-06 lvaatamoinen- Added buildconf.pri to hold the master-level build...
2009-11-02 lvaatamoinen- Maemo-specific include-files and paths added for...
2009-11-02 lvaatamoinen- Minor edit
2009-11-02 lvaatamoinen- Moved status string mapping to view from QTorrentHandle
2009-11-02 lvaatamoinen- corrected makefile
2009-10-27 lvaatamoinen- Torrent addign and removal functional
2009-10-23 lvaatamoinen- Torrent can be now opened and download starts
2009-10-22 lvaatamoinen- Added PreferencesDialog with settings saving and...
2009-10-21 lvaatamoinen-Added QTorrentHandle and started torrent adding implem...
2009-10-20 lvaatamoinen- Added AlertWaiter and QBittorentSession
2009-10-20 lvaatamoinen- About dialogs and menubar
2009-10-20 lvaatamoinen- Initial GUI: Main window with two tabs, torrent file...
2009-10-19 lvaatamoinen- added project file
2009-10-19 lvaatamoinen- Added files
2009-10-19 lvaatamoinen- code commit
2009-10-19 lvaatamoinen- added trunk
2009-10-19 lvaatamoinen- Created the repository structure according to standar...