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last changeSun, 19 Feb 2012 19:14:57 +0000 (19:14 +0000)
2012-02-19 lvaatamoinenAdded Q_FUNC_INFO macros to some functions. master
2012-02-19 lvaatamoinenVery rough initial implementation of torrent adding...
2012-01-30 lvaatamoinenAdded test torrent files to right place, $HOME/MyDocs.
2012-01-29 lvaatamoinenAdded TorrentPickerPage.
2012-01-29 lvaatamoinenModified CMakeLists back to build on Harmattan.
2012-01-29 lvaatamoinenRemoved proxy files that are generated from dbus XML...
2012-01-29 lvaatamoinenReverted main.cpp back to commit r79.
2012-01-29 lvaatamoinenReverted invalid commit 82
2012-01-29 lvaatamoinenInitial commit for the QML client:
2010-02-10 koplaFixed qmake path (Qt 4.6)
2010-02-01 koplaChanged description field
2010-02-01 lvaatamoinen- Added rasterbar libtorrent license text to COPYING
2010-02-01 lvaatamoinen- Licence text updated to only allow GPLv2
2010-02-01 koplaAdded debian/control
2010-02-01 koplaAdded build script of Debian
2010-01-29 koplaRemoved seedview (invisible)
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