2014-01-04 Luciano MontanaroMerge branch 'development' master
2014-01-04 Luciano MontanaroBump version to 0.9.0 0.9.0
2014-01-04 Luciano MontanaroMerge branch 'feature-settings-page' into development
2014-01-04 Luciano MontanaroUpdated Italian translation feature-settings-page
2014-01-04 Luciano MontanaroUpdated italian translation
2014-01-04 Luciano MontanaroRelayout StationListView Pulldown menu
2014-01-04 Luciano MontanaroNote that checkingInterval is deprecated
2014-01-04 Luciano MontanaroAdded settings menu item to StationListPage.qml
2014-01-04 Luciano MontanaroRemove commented out code
2014-01-04 Luciano MontanaroAdd SettingsPage for SailfishOS port
2014-01-04 Luciano MontanaroEnable autoUpdate timer for SailfishOS
2014-01-03 Luciano MontanaroChange the EnterKey icon source to the "close" icon
2014-01-02 Luciano MontanaroAdded a cover action to update station schedule feature-coverpage-reload-action
2014-01-02 Luciano MontanaroUse OpacityRamp on the cover page
2013-12-31 Luciano MontanaroV 0.8.0: Merge branch 'development'
2013-12-31 Luciano MontanaroMerge branch 'feature-sailfishos-cleanup' into development 0.8.0
2013-12-31 Luciano MontanaroBump version to 0.8.0 feature-sailfishos-cleanup
2013-12-31 Luciano MontanaroHide the keyboard when station list is pressed
2013-12-31 Luciano MontanaroUpdated italian translation
2013-12-31 Luciano MontanaroFix paths in qmake file
2013-12-31 Luciano MontanaroAdd active cover
2013-12-31 Luciano MontanaroPrepare StationScheduleDelegate for use in the cover
2013-12-30 Luciano MontanaroAdd NoPredictiveText hint to search field
2013-12-27 Luciano MontanaroMerge branch 'development' for tagging of 0.7.0 0.7.0
2013-12-27 Luciano MontanaroMerge branch 'feature-favourites' into development
2013-12-27 Luciano MontanaroChangelog and version
2013-12-27 Luciano MontanaroUpdated changelog
2013-12-27 Luciano MontanaroRemoved unneded qRegisterMetaType() call
2013-12-27 Luciano MontanaroDisable favorites for harmattan
2013-12-27 Luciano MontanaroUpdate version
2013-12-27 Luciano MontanaroAdd missing metatypes to view.cpp
2013-12-27 Luciano MontanaroFix include guard
2013-12-27 Luciano MontanaroUpdated qmake file, bumped version
2013-12-27 Luciano MontanaroUse version from yaml file on sailfishOS, bump version
2013-12-27 Luciano MontanaroRevert "Revert typo"
2013-12-27 Luciano MontanaroTweaked SailfishOS StationPage
2013-12-27 Luciano MontanaroTuned StationScheduleDelegate rendering a bit
2013-12-27 Luciano MontanaroRevert typo
2013-12-27 Luciano MontanaroCleanup SailfishOS StationListPage.qml
2013-12-27 Luciano MontanaroFix search and scroll issue with the station list
2013-12-27 Luciano MontanaroMake the delay indicator a rounded rectangle
2013-12-27 Luciano MontanaroAdd editable favorite role to StationListModel
2013-12-23 Luciano MontanaroFix the icon path for sailfishOS
2013-11-24 Luciano MontanaroRemove unneeded type registration
2013-11-24 Luciano MontanaroUpdate qmake files
2013-11-24 Luciano MontanaroMoved StationListModel to AbstractListModel base
2013-11-20 Luciano MontanaroWhite space only change
2013-11-20 Luciano MontanaroFix copyright
2013-11-20 Luciano MontanaroAdd setHeader for the QNetworkRequest
2013-11-20 Luciano MontanaroFix Qt4 compilation
2013-11-17 Luciano MontanaroSort favorites before other items
2013-11-17 Luciano MontanaroSilence runtime warning for sailfish
2013-11-17 Luciano MontanaroShow favorite indicator for sailfish
2013-11-17 Luciano MontanaroAdd favorite role in StationListModel class
2013-11-17 Luciano MontanaroAdd new setting for favorites
2013-11-16 Luciano MontanaroTweak StationListPage.qml
2013-11-16 Luciano MontanaroAdd a missing station code
2013-11-16 Luciano MontanaroCleanup qmake file
2013-11-16 Luciano MontanaroModified desktop file according to app template
2013-11-16 Luciano MontanaroImplement Station map lookup
2013-11-16 Luciano MontanaroAdd Longitude and Latitude to StationListModel
2013-11-15 Luciano MontanaroRegenerated station list
2013-11-14 Luciano MontanaroMerge branch 'development' for version 0.6.2 0.6.2
2013-11-14 Luciano MontanaroBumped version to 0.6.2
2013-11-14 Luciano MontanaroUpdated stations
2013-11-14 Luciano MontanaroCleaned up Harmattan AboutPage
2013-11-14 Luciano MontanaroFix delay parsing
2013-11-14 Luciano MontanaroA few more stations
2013-11-14 Luciano MontanaroFix spectacle file
2013-11-13 Luciano MontanaroMerge branch 'sailfish-port' tags/0.6.1
2013-11-13 Luciano MontanaroBump version to 0.6.1 sailfish-port
2013-11-13 Luciano MontanaroImprove AboutPage layout
2013-11-12 Luciano MontanaroTranslate delay message
2013-11-12 Luciano MontanaroUpdated translations and sailfish icon
2013-11-11 Luciano MontanaroAdded README.md file for github
2013-11-10 Luciano MontanaroSmall fixes for sailfish os
2013-11-10 Luciano MontanaroSmall updates to qml files
2013-11-10 Luciano MontanaroSmall improvements to the AboutPage layout
2013-11-10 Luciano MontanaroAdd debugging for station list parsing
2013-11-10 Luciano MontanaroFix stations.qpl file
2013-11-10 Luciano MontanaroUpdated stations
2013-11-06 Luciano MontanaroFix build for harmattan tags/0.6.0
2013-11-06 Luciano MontanaroMerge branch 'master' into sailfish-port
2013-11-06 Luciano MontanaroTweaked layout
2013-11-06 Luciano MontanaroA few more fixes for version 0.6.0
2013-11-06 Luciano Montanaro(www) Update index page
2013-11-06 Luciano Montanaro(www) Fixed sailfishos screenshots
2013-11-06 Luciano MontanaroUpdated the index.html page
2013-11-06 Luciano MontanaroSailfish OS screenshots for the web site
2013-11-06 Luciano MontanaroFixed yaml file
2013-11-06 Luciano MontanaroSailfish OS screenshots for the web site
2013-11-06 Luciano MontanaroSailfish port mostly done, bumped version to 6.0
2013-11-06 Luciano MontanaroFinished initial QML porting
2013-11-03 Luciano MontanaroRPM recipe for SailfishOS
2013-10-26 Luciano MontanaroUpdated qmake files
2013-10-26 Luciano MontanaroUpdate resourcefile for sailfishOS
2013-10-26 Luciano MontanaroMore porting to Qt5
2013-10-26 Luciano MontanaroPort View class to Qt5
2013-10-26 Luciano MontanaroImplement list sections for Harmattan
2013-10-26 Luciano MontanaroWork in progress on QML