Fixing a bug with launching from a fresh system
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2010-04-19 Ed PageFixing a bug with launching from a fresh system
2010-04-03 Ed PageFixing minor bugs
2010-03-19 epageCleanup: removal of mer, making things cleaner, etc
2010-01-25 epageAdding profiler helpers and speeding up startup a bit
2010-01-09 epageCode cleanup, consistency on category availability...
2010-01-09 epageMoving to a touch selector for moving categories
2010-01-09 epageRe-arranging the categories a bit
2010-01-09 epageSeparated Category and Search in the code/ui cleaning...
2010-01-09 epageNot the prettiest (yet) but now on the touch selector...
2010-01-09 epagePARTIAL COMMIT: Got most of the stuff in place to switc...
2010-01-09 epageMoved history to the (app)menu
2010-01-09 epageAdding Ctrl-w/q
2009-12-16 epageFixing the menu
2009-12-12 epageFIxing bug where fullscreen by ctrl-enter would add...
2009-12-12 epageAdding some app menu buttons
2009-12-12 epageFixed bug with Move To Category
2009-12-08 epageFixed a bug with fremantle and contexts plus logging...
2009-11-20 epageEMail fix, app title, version bump
2009-11-14 epageAdding support for copying the log; cutting down what...
2009-11-11 epageThe mess of things to get this to work for Fremantle
2009-11-07 epageFixing up some more Fremantle issues
2009-11-06 epageMinor cleanups
2009-10-28 epageStart of slow work to hildonize this mess
2009-10-28 epageRenames and making Speichern a new style object