Bump to 0.7.12
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2010-12-18 Ed PageBump to 0.7.12
2010-10-03 Ed PageCleanup
2010-03-19 epageCleanup: removal of mer, making things cleaner, etc
2010-01-25 epageBumping to 0.7.11
2010-01-15 epageFixing dependencies
2010-01-09 epageCode cleanup, consistency on category availability...
2010-01-09 epageCleanup to history handling
2010-01-09 epageCleaning up reference to spell check
2010-01-09 epageSeparated Category and Search in the code/ui cleaning...
2010-01-09 epageAdded upgrade scription now that we are in extras
2010-01-09 epageNot the prettiest (yet) but now on the touch selector...
2010-01-09 epageMoved history to the (app)menu
2010-01-09 epageAdding release notes
2009-12-15 epageFixing upload
2009-12-15 epageChangelist
2009-12-12 epageMore .deb work
2009-12-12 epageFixed bug with Move To Category
2009-11-18 epageUpdating changelist
2009-11-18 epageMinor tweaks
2009-11-06 epageFixing the advertised license
2009-11-06 epagePrepping for packaging
2009-10-28 epageUpdating from Dialcentral/ejpi
2009-08-11 epageTrying to fix the application title
2009-07-18 epageUpdating manual package creation info
2009-06-13 epagePrepping for Mer support
2009-06-02 epageVersion bump
2009-06-02 epageFixing minor glitches
2009-05-30 epageAdding settings and cleanup
2009-05-16 epageSlight modifications to the sql dialog
2009-05-16 epageMinor cleanups and the hiding of the history box on...
2009-05-16 epageMarking protected members of Notizen, renaming some...
2009-05-16 epageVersion bump
2009-05-16 epageSetting up support for branches and tags