2009-08-24 Thomas Thurman( t m ) replaced with trademark symbol master
2009-08-23 Thomas Thurmanupdate changelog
2009-08-23 Thomas Thurmanapp menu
2009-08-23 Thomas Thurmanheart zoom much improved
2009-08-23 Thomas Thurmanlaunch using Exec, not X-Osso-Service
2009-08-23 Thomas Thurmanmake all relevant functions static
2009-08-23 Thomas Thurmantidy comments
2009-08-23 Thomas Thurmanrobot vibrates when robotfindskitten
2009-08-23 Thomas ThurmanSecret debugging key
2009-08-23 Thomas Thurmangbooleans are more than one byte. Who knew.
2009-08-23 Thomas Thurmannifty heart animation
2009-08-23 Thomas Thurmanamount of random stuff should have been kept at 15
2009-08-23 Thomas Thurmanloop back after winning, don't quit; don't clobber...
2009-08-23 Thomas Thurmanuse a state machine to make things clearer
2009-08-22 Thomas Thurmancorrect casts
2009-08-22 Thomas Thurmanadd makefile deps
2009-08-22 Thomas Thurmanand bump version number
2009-08-22 Thomas Thurmanadded online help
2009-08-22 Thomas Thurmanbetter front screen
2009-08-22 Thomas Thurmanfirst shot at a front page
2009-08-22 Thomas Thurmanshow error if number of NKIs drops below critical level...
2009-08-22 Thomas Thurmanfix bug about a negative direction
2009-08-22 Thomas Thurmanmore typographical niceties
2009-08-22 Thomas Thurmanmore relevant older computer
2009-08-22 Thomas ThurmanNow we can do UTF-8, here are smart quotes and ellipses.
2009-08-22 Thomas Thurmanget non-kitten items from a file, not hard-coded
2009-08-21 Thomas Thurmanlist of non-kitten items
2009-08-21 Thomas Thurmanname in canonical form
2009-08-21 Thomas Thurmaninstall dbus service
2009-08-21 Thomas Thurmanlaunch as a service
2009-08-21 Thomas Thurmandiagonal movement and running
2009-05-28 Thomas Thurmantry again
2009-05-27 Thomas Thurmantest installer
2009-05-27 Thomas Thurmanupdated desktop for new files
2009-05-27 Thomas Thurmanremove unused image files; update makefile to put extra...
2009-05-26 Thomas Thurmanlink to maemo.org pages
2009-05-26 Thomas Thurmanimage
2009-05-26 Thomas Thurmannew source link
2009-05-26 Thomas Thurmanwww
2009-05-26 Thomas Thurmanrm derived
2009-05-26 Thomas ThurmanImport
2009-05-26 Thomas ThurmanImport
2009-05-26 Thomas ThurmanTesting
2009-05-26 www-datawelcome