* graphwidget.c: fixed a bug where we'd divide by 0 if min and max x and y were the...
[scdataviz] / scdataviz.c
2009-10-09 trelane@digitasaru.net* graphwidget.c: fixed a bug where we'd divide by 0...
2008-11-24 trelane@digitasaru.net* lots of goodies.
2008-07-27 Joseph Pingenot* Not ideal, but it is functional.
2008-07-25 trelane@digitasaru.net* Well, the groundwork has been laid, but now I can...
2008-07-25 trelane@digitasaru.net* Bowing params are working better.
2008-07-25 trelane@digitasaru.net* Seems to be coming along. Not convinced that the...
2008-07-24 trelane@digitasaru.net* Compiles but segfaults.
2008-07-24 trelane@digitasaru.net* Now wit hlabels and line drawing!
2008-07-24 Joseph Pingenot* It plots!!!!
2008-07-24 Joseph Pingenot* Still not quite right:
2008-07-23 trelane@digitasaru.net* making progress.
2008-07-23 trelane@digitasaru.net* Added dotcode matdb processor.
2008-07-23 Joseph Pingenot* Updated files. Now it compiles (though it crashes).
2008-07-22 trelane@digitasaru.net* Initial checkin.