2010-11-16 Jussi LaitinenFixed seg fault on logout. master
2010-11-12 Sami RämöCleaned debug prints login_browser
2010-11-12 Sami RämöFixed a compile warning
2010-11-12 Sami RämöFixed unit tests
2010-11-12 Sami RämöMoved location update logic to new class called UpdateL...
2010-11-11 Sami RämöMoved UpdateLocationDialog to be managed by MainWindow.
2010-11-10 Sami RämöAdded wallPostPermission parameter to loggedIn signal
2010-11-10 Sami RämöEmit error instead of queuing requests when session...
2010-11-10 Sami RämöRemoved some old unused code
2010-11-10 Sami RämöClear user information only when logout initiated from...
2010-11-10 Sami RämöChanges to logout prosess and login state storing,...
2010-11-09 Sami RämöEmit error signal when login fails
2010-11-09 Sami RämöDocumenting and some clean-up
2010-11-09 Sami RämöAdded progress indicator
2010-11-09 Sami RämöFixed two forgotten facebookloginbrowser.h includes
2010-11-09 Sami RämöRemoved FacebookLoginBrowser class, replaced with QWebView.
2010-11-09 Sami RämöMoved creating the FacebookLoginBrowser to FacebookAuth...
2010-11-09 Sami RämöImplemented NetworkCookieJar::clearCookiesSetting()
2010-11-09 Sami RämöFixed FacebookLoginBrowser::destroyed() signal handling
2010-11-09 Sami RämöReplaced some hard coded strings with constants, remove...
2010-11-08 Sami RämöTry login with cookies using hidden browser, show brows...
2010-11-08 Sami RämöRemoving some old code, disabled the api=2.0 parameter
2010-11-08 Sami RämöMerge branch 'master' into login_browser
2010-11-05 Janne KiiskiFixed projects to build in Simulator
2010-11-05 Janne KiiskiFixed debian build package scripts to support i386
2010-11-05 Sami RämöMerge branch 'master' into login_browser
2010-11-05 Sami RämöChanged GPSPositionPrivateStub to fake location updates...
2010-11-05 Sami RämöHide "no search results" text when search results are...
2010-11-05 Sami RämöIgnore SSL errors from the network reply
2010-11-04 Sami RämöAppend api version 2.0 to all request, if not explicitl...
2010-11-01 Sami RämöCleaning up some signals
2010-10-15 Sami RämöUpdated INSTALL file
2010-09-28 Sami RämöMoving login related stuff from Engine to FacebookAuthe...
2010-09-27 Sami RämöCleaning out old login code ongoing
2010-09-27 Sami RämöChanged other queries to use the new interface.
2010-09-27 Sami RämöChanging to new authentication mechanism ongoing
2010-09-24 Sami RämöFacebookLoginBrowser to use cookies, re-writing Network...
2010-09-24 Sami RämöDestroy login browser after successfully logged in
2010-09-24 Sami RämöParsing the access token from the url
2010-09-24 Sami RämöCreated base for Facebook login browser
2010-09-23 Sami RämöTuning the look of the location search panel with empty...
2010-09-23 Sami RämöSearching from location search results does not flash...
2010-09-23 Sami RämöMade using the test server simpler
2010-09-09 Jussi LaitinenModified debian changelog and control files and desktop... v2.0b-1
2010-09-09 Jussi LaitinenModified route arrow icons.
2010-09-09 Jussi LaitinenSmall fix again.
2010-09-09 Pekka NissinenMade some cosmetic updates to the list item context...
2010-09-09 Pekka NissinenAdded better (or worse) pixmaps for selected list items
2010-09-09 Pekka NissinenAdded new images for route to cursor and clear route...
2010-09-09 Pekka NissinenMade small cosmetic changes to contact and back button...
2010-09-08 Jussi LaitinenFixed again a bug when "No search results" text was...
2010-09-07 Jussi LaitinenFixed bug when "No search results" text was incorrectly...
2010-09-07 Jussi LaitinenAdded calendar image.
2010-09-06 Pekka NissinenMerge branch 'master' of
2010-09-06 Pekka NissinenRemoved couple of unnecessary image files and added...
2010-09-06 Jussi LaitinenMerge branch 'master' of
2010-09-06 Jussi LaitinenModified debian changelog and control.
2010-09-06 Katri KaikkonenFixed defects of review
2010-09-06 Katri KaikkonenMerge branch 'master' of
2010-09-06 Sami RämöRemoved qCritical print from RouteSegment::street(...
2010-09-06 Katri KaikkonenMerge branch 'master' of
2010-09-06 Katri KaikkonenAdded text label for empty panels
2010-09-06 Sami RämöMerge branch 'master' of
2010-09-06 Sami RämöAdded BUGS and README files
2010-09-06 Jussi LaitinenMerge branch 'master' of
2010-09-06 Jussi LaitinenChanged ruler.png image.
2010-09-06 Sami RämöChanged bar width to width of four buttons, review context_button_bar_width
2010-09-06 Sami RämöMerge branch 'master' into context_button_bar_width
2010-09-06 Sami RämöCentering, re-factoring
2010-09-06 Jussi LaitinenMerge branch 'master' of
2010-09-06 Jussi LaitinenAdded back button, removed list selection from location...
2010-09-06 Sami RämöSet constant width
2010-09-06 Pekka NissinenAdded a new icon for location seaerch tab
2010-09-03 Katri KaikkonenMerge branch 'master' of
2010-09-03 Katri KaikkonenAdded functionality for hide and show user information
2010-09-03 Sami RämöMerge branch 'master' into context_driven_buttons,... context_driven_buttons
2010-09-03 Sami RämöAdded missing files into tabbed panel test project
2010-09-03 Jussi LaitinenContact dialog feature reviewed.
2010-09-03 Sami RämöDocumentation
2010-09-03 Jussi LaitinenAdded missing comments.
2010-09-03 Jussi LaitinenAdded libosso-abook dependency to debian control file.
2010-09-03 Jussi LaitinenMerge branch 'master' into contact_dialog
2010-09-03 Sami RämöRemoved disabled button states, don't open panel withou...
2010-09-03 Sami RämöTuning the ListItemContextButtonBar look
2010-09-03 Sami RämöAdded background for ListItemContextButtonBar
2010-09-03 Jussi LaitinenSearch history feature reviewed.
2010-09-03 Jussi LaitinenFixed last item remove method.
2010-09-03 Sami RämöFix: one flag was not cleared when item was unselected
2010-09-03 Jussi LaitinenFixed search history settings read and write and added...
2010-09-02 Sami RämöAdded animation
2010-09-02 Jussi LaitinenAdded new files. search_history
2010-09-02 Jussi LaitinenCreated SearchHistoryListView and -Item classes.
2010-09-02 Sami RämöMoved setting the visibility of the buttons to ListItem...
2010-09-02 Sami RämöFixed positioning and sizing of the ListItemContextButt...
2010-09-02 Sami RämöRe-factoring
2010-09-02 Sami RämöRough implementation of the item related buttons
2010-09-01 Sami RämöMerge branch 'master' of
2010-09-01 Sami RämöFixed functional tests
2010-09-01 Katri KaikkonenMerge branch 'master' of
2010-09-01 Katri KaikkonenAdded QSizePolicy to the labels in user info