Version bump
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2011-04-01 Nikolay TischenkoVersion bump master
2011-04-01 Nikolay TischenkoSpanish translation and Use button in filemanager
2011-03-25 Nikolay TischenkoPolish translation
2011-03-24 Nikolay TischenkoVersion bump
2011-03-12 Nikolay Tischenkochangelog
2011-03-06 Nikolay TischenkoChangelog
2011-03-05 Nikolay TischenkoNew icon, version bump, updated translations
2011-03-05 Nikolay TischenkoAdd M4A to files pattern
2011-02-28 Nikolay TischenkoAnother fixes for packaging system
2011-02-28 Nikolay TischenkoVersion bump
2011-02-28 Nikolay TischenkoPossible fix for optifying problem and eq presets
2011-02-27 Nikolay TischenkoDebianized