Fixed crash when no gstreamer0.10-plugins-good-extra package installed
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2010-09-27 Nikolay TischenkoImplemented equalizer
2010-09-27 Nikolay TischenkoImplemented new features: 1.2.1
2010-09-24 Nikolay TischenkoAdded TagLib (with AUTORS and COPYING files) 1.2.0
2010-09-23 Nikolay TischenkoFixed bug with removing tracks from another playlist...
2010-09-22 Nikolay TischenkoFixes in desktop file release-1.0
2010-09-22 Nikolay TischenkoDesktop-file and icon
2010-09-22 Nikolay TischenkoAdded application config. Moved application data from...
2010-09-22 Nikolay TischenkoAdded fullscreen button
2010-09-17 Nikolay TischenkoBig commit: