2011-04-01 Nikolay TischenkoVersion bump master
2011-04-01 Nikolay TischenkoFixed little problem with BT AudioSink status
2011-04-01 Nikolay TischenkoSpanish translation and Use button in filemanager
2011-03-31 Nikolay TischenkoAdded portuguese translation. Update _it and _pl
2011-03-31 Nikolay TischenkoProcessing BT audio disconnecting
2011-03-31 Nikolay TischenkoUse buttom in more views
2011-03-25 Nikolay TischenkoPolish translation
2011-03-24 Nikolay TischenkoVersion bump
2011-03-24 Nikolay TischenkoM3U playlists import
2011-03-20 Nikolay TischenkoFixed grammatical mistakes
2011-03-20 Nikolay TischenkoPlayer factory
2011-03-20 Nikolay TischenkoPositioning on next track after removing from pls
2011-03-20 Nikolay TischenkoItalian translations (settings in UI)
2011-03-18 Nikolay TischenkoItalian translations
2011-03-18 Nikolay TischenkoInit for Italian translations
2011-03-13 Nikolay Tischenkoalbumart DBus method
2011-03-12 Nikolay Tischenkodesktop version
2011-03-12 Nikolay TischenkoFixed typo
2011-03-12 Nikolay Tischenkochangelog
2011-03-12 Nikolay TischenkoVersion bump
2011-03-12 Nikolay TischenkoUpdated translations
2011-03-12 Nikolay TischenkoVarious minor fixes
2011-03-11 Nikolay TischenkoSupport for covers downloaded via MussOrgsky
2011-03-11 Nikolay TischenkoWorkaround for tracks without album.
2011-03-11 Nikolay TischenkoNew DBus functions and mediaartlocal support
2011-03-11 Nikolay TischenkoFixed icons updating in sorting view
2011-03-11 Nikolay TischenkoFixed incorrect track metadata displaying
2011-03-11 Nikolay TischenkoVersion number in about from someplayer.h
2011-03-06 Nikolay TischenkoChangelog
2011-03-06 Nikolay TischenkoMinor bugfixes
2011-03-05 Nikolay TischenkoNew icon, version bump, updated translations
2011-03-05 Nikolay TischenkoImpemented controling via keyboard
2011-03-05 Nikolay TischenkoAdd M4A to files pattern
2011-03-05 Nikolay TischenkoDublicated 'Online help' button in main menu
2011-03-05 Nikolay TischenkoFixed issue with silent mode in phone
2011-03-05 Nikolay TischenkoFixed issue #32
2011-02-28 Nikolay TischenkoAnother fixes for packaging system
2011-02-28 Nikolay TischenkoVersion bump
2011-02-28 Nikolay TischenkoPossible fix for optifying problem and eq presets
2011-02-27 Nikolay TischenkoFixed issue with TPlayer's covers support
2011-02-27 Nikolay TischenkoDebianized
2011-02-26 Nikolay TischenkoOnline help and bugfixes. Version bump 1.5.0
2011-02-10 Nikolay TischenkoSoved issue #31
2011-02-10 Nikolay TischenkoFixed bug with wrong 'favorite' status in menu
2010-12-26 Nikolay TischenkoVersion bump + removed track deletion confirmation
2010-12-26 Nikolay TischenkoDeleted debug code
2010-12-26 Nikolay TischenkoAbility to sort cur.playlist by long tap on it
2010-12-19 Nikolay TischenkoTranslation 1.4.3-1
2010-12-18 Nikolay TischenkoForgotten changes
2010-12-18 Nikolay TischenkoNew default cover image
2010-12-18 Nikolay TischenkoConfirmation dialogs for dangerous actions
2010-12-18 Nikolay TischenkoLittle improvements in UI performance
2010-12-18 Nikolay TischenkoImproved hw zoom keys handling
2010-12-18 Nikolay TischenkoFixed bug with no_repeate mode, improved prev button...
2010-12-12 Nikolay Tischenko1.4.3
2010-12-12 Nikolay TischenkoUpdated translations
2010-12-12 Nikolay TischenkoMerge branch 'about'
2010-12-12 Nikolay TischenkoImroved english translation
2010-12-12 Nikolay TischenkoAutoresuming
2010-12-12 Nikolay TischenkoReworked player engine
2010-12-12 Nikolay TischenkoRemoved fmtx rds text settings
2010-12-11 Nikolay TischenkoRemoved unused lines
2010-12-11 Nikolay TischenkoFMTX support
2010-12-11 Nikolay TischenkoFix for issue with track management with zoom keys...
2010-12-04 Nikolay TischenkoInitial version of new about dialog
2010-12-04 Nikolay TischenkoFixed empty label in library after start
2010-11-30 Nikolay TischenkoFixed crash after tapping cover when playlists ends
2010-11-28 Nikolay TischenkoUpdated translations
2010-11-28 Nikolay TischenkoHW Zoom keys support, reworked settings window
2010-11-28 Nikolay TischenkoSettings for autopausing
2010-11-28 Nikolay TischenkoFixed issue with gradient in filemanager
2010-11-28 Nikolay TischenkoSeparated user and system equalizer settings
2010-11-28 Nikolay TischenkoAutopausing when headphone unplugged
2010-11-28 Nikolay TischenkoAbility to add .ape, .asf and .wav files
2010-11-28 Nikolay TischenkoFixed issue with highlighting hidden fav button
2010-11-28 Nikolay TischenkoImproved cover search.
2010-11-28 Nikolay TischenkoAdding track in to library when it has been added to...
2010-11-28 Nikolay TischenkoTry to center previous item in file manager
2010-11-28 Nikolay TischenkoTECH, reverted previous handling "Add to favorites...
2010-11-21 Nikolay Tischenkotranslation upd
2010-11-21 Nikolay TischenkoVersion bump
2010-11-21 Nikolay TischenkoImproved favorites management
2010-11-21 Nikolay TischenkoRestoring eq after start, checkable fav button
2010-11-19 Nikolay TischenkoCentring current track (Player) and selected element...
2010-11-19 Nikolay TischenkoAdded Bluetooth AVRCP support via HAL/DBus
2010-11-19 Nikolay TischenkoFixed uninitialized value of year for tracks wo tags
2010-11-19 Nikolay TischenkoFixed bug with directory scanning
2010-11-14 Nikolay TischenkoHorizontal center aligment of cover 1.4.1
2010-11-13 Nikolay Tischenkothanks 1.x
2010-11-13 Nikolay Tischenkoversion bump
2010-11-12 Nikolay TischenkoSegregated equalizer settings to separate ini file
2010-11-12 Nikolay TischenkoSegregated translations files in different packages
2010-11-12 Nikolay TischenkoImprovements in cover search
2010-11-11 Nikolay TischenkoNew settings window. Custom active track color
2010-11-10 Nikolay TischenkoImprovements in translation
2010-11-10 Nikolay TischenkoFixed minor bug with 'More' button
2010-11-10 Nikolay TischenkoForgotten changes
2010-11-10 Nikolay TischenkoFixed bug with delete button in playlists view
2010-11-10 Nikolay TischenkoAdditional translation
2010-11-10 Nikolay TischenkoImproved directory navigation.