Youtube video and text (draft).
[speedfreak] / Client / settingsdialog.ui
2010-04-15 Toni JussilaYoutube video and text (draft).
2010-04-14 Toni JussilaNew background and button picture.
2010-04-13 OppilasBugfix: category dublicates
2010-03-31 Tiina Kivilinna... More connecting client-server functionality to GUI.
2010-03-31 Rikhard KuuttiChanged "registrate" to "register"
2010-03-31 Rikhard KuuttiChanged ui of settings to make it fit to dialog
2010-03-30 Olavi PulkkinenAdded settingsdialog functionality
2010-03-30 Olavi PulkkinenAdded registrate & set/change user fields to settingsdi...
2010-03-30 Rikhard KuuttiAdded settings dialog