Added check for username and some code cleaning.
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2010-03-19 Artem DaniliantsFixed typo
2010-03-19 Artem DaniliantsFixed minor bugs
2010-03-19 Artem DaniliantsSending and fetching results feature complete
2010-03-17 Artem DaniliantsAdded support for fetching categories list
2010-03-17 Artem DaniliantsAdded catgories table
2010-03-16 Artem DaniliantsFinished working on login functionality and fixed some...
2010-03-16 Artem DaniliantsLogin functionality now works and passwords are stored...
2010-03-09 Artem DaniliantsFixed bug: not printing "OK" after registration
2010-03-09 Artem DaniliantsRegistration is functional
2010-03-05 Artem DaniliantsStarted working on registration functionality
2010-03-05 Artem DaniliantsStarted working on API functionality
2010-03-05 Artem DaniliantsInitial Kohana install