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last changeFri, 19 Feb 2010 19:30:42 +0000 (13:30 -0600)
2010-02-19 Michael CronenworthPrep for 0.9.3 release. master rel-0-9-3
2010-02-19 Michael CronenworthAdd countdown functionality with same modes as the
2010-02-19 Michael CronenworthSeparate stopwatch functionality into unique source...
2010-02-19 Michael CronenworthUpdate copyright notices.
2010-01-27 Michael CronenworthPrep for the next release. rel-0-9-2
2010-01-27 Michael CronenworthWrap timer string for now. Bug #4913
2009-12-23 Michael CronenworthFix typo with package icon so it displays on Maemo...
2009-12-17 Michael CronenworthCorrect control file for mce-dev.
2009-12-16 Michael Cronenworth*Hildon-ize the app for better widget support. rel-0-9-1
2009-12-14 Michael CronenworthRemove debug package and add package icon.
2009-12-13 Michael CronenworthAdd bugtracker URL to package.
2009-12-11 Michael CronenworthUse /opt for installation path.
2009-12-10 Michael CronenworthPrep for 0.9.0 release. rel-0-9-0
2009-12-10 Michael CronenworthAdd 4th line of history. Gradually shrink history font...
2009-12-10 Michael CronenworthImplement more functionality:
2009-12-10 Michael CronenworthUse separate directories for data and source.
11 years ago rel-0-9-3
11 years ago rel-0-9-2
11 years ago rel-0-9-1
11 years ago rel-0-9-0
11 years ago master