The One Ring

Google Voice Integration for Maemo

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So you might be using Dialcentral and be thinking "the chat system is horrible and I want to use my system's contacts. Why can't it be integrated with my phone software like Skype?

You are in luck. The One Ring is a way for you to integrate That One Number to Rule Them All.

The One Ring let's you setup an account with the system similar to Google Talk, SIP, or Skype. You can then use the same chat interface you use with GoogleTalk as you use to Text through GoogleVoice. You also can initiate callbacks using the dialpad.

The One Ring is Free Software and available under the LGPLv2.1.

Status: Alpha (Maemo 4.1), Beta (Maemo 5, Empathy)

The One Ring v0.7.0-0 (See Maemo.Org Talk)



Attempt to text with yourself and you will get an interactive prompt. Type "help" for a list of commands. Results of various commands can be a big help when debugging an issue

When filing a bug, please include the log. Sadly it can only be accessed by the command line. It is located at "~/.telepathy-theonering/theonering.log"

If things are in really bad shape, I might ask you to run "/usr/lib/theonering/gvoice/ USERNAME PASSWORD". This will give the raw output for the "API" I use with Google. This can help determine if something broke between Google and I.