Enabling canceling of calls
[theonering] / hand_tests /
2010-02-17 Ed PageAdded test to experimentally determine multi-sms api
2010-02-07 Ed PageRemoving purposeless code
2010-02-07 Ed PageAdded detection of missed/rejected calls
2010-02-06 Ed PageRemoving some debug stuff
2010-02-06 Ed PageAlmost there in auto-accepting calls. Everything succe...
2010-02-06 Ed PageGreat strides made in auto-accepting calls
2010-02-06 Ed PageSome debugging helps for situations users are in
2010-02-05 Ed PageSome cleanup on the auto-accept code
2010-02-05 Ed PageBroken but lots of progress in what needs to be done
2010-02-04 Ed PageGetting closer to an auto-accept calls system
2010-01-31 Ed PagePlaying with watching various dbus signals
2010-01-23 Ed PageUpdating the conversations hand test
2010-01-21 Ed PageAdding some hand tests
2010-01-16 Ed PageMaking phone numbers as consistent as possible so user...
2010-01-16 Ed PageAdding a hand test to validate EnsureChannel, fixing...
2010-01-14 Ed PageUpdating hand tests
2010-01-08 Ed PageSwitching to multiple state machines
2010-01-06 Ed PageFIxing the other hand test after the rename of username...
2010-01-06 Ed PageFixing the hand tests after the changeover
2009-12-29 Ed PageTesting of merging the one ring and dialcentrals gvoice...
2009-12-24 Ed PageMass load of bug fixes
2009-12-20 Ed PageMassive reworking of messages to make debugging easier...
2009-12-18 Ed PageSlight improvement to things
2009-12-18 Ed PageAdding a sleep and getting contacts/aliases
2009-12-17 Ed PageLots of work to try and get duplex conversations going...
2009-12-16 Ed PageStarting the work on the polling state machine
2009-12-16 Ed PageFixing the test so it works for enabling sending of...
2009-12-16 Ed PageAdding testing of blank Text channel, fixing lots of...
2009-12-13 Ed PageAdding setting of presence plus reducing the number...
2009-12-13 Ed PageSuccessfully making calls
2009-12-13 Ed PageAdding coverage and fixing bugs
2009-12-12 Ed PageMore advanced hand test
2009-12-08 Ed PageUpload to builder support plus adding some hand tests