Imitiating buttfly in being explicitly typed
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2010-05-29 Ed PageImitiating buttfly in being explicitly typed
2010-02-24 Ed PageMinor code cleanup
2010-02-23 Ed PageMaking the code slightly easier to maintain
2010-02-17 Ed PageFixed bug for incomplete numbers
2010-02-12 Ed PageFixing lots of minor bugs found by lint
2010-02-12 Ed PageAsync connect/disconnect. Moved everything to a new...
2010-01-19 Ed PageBug fixes to handling numbers not on the contact list
2010-01-19 Ed PageDocmenting a mixin binding point
2010-01-19 Ed PageSwitching away from using contact ids
2010-01-18 Ed PageSwitching to callback numbers being able to be set...
2010-01-16 Ed PageMaking phone numbers as consistent as possible so user...
2010-01-15 Ed PageSwitching to shipping parts of python-telepathy with...
2010-01-14 Ed PageCleaning up and improving the number formatter
2010-01-06 Ed PageAdding a debug prompt.
2010-01-06 Ed PageMisc cleanup
2009-12-24 Ed PageCall-centric work
2009-11-29 Ed PageImplemented DnD in the backend and in the presence...
2009-11-26 Ed PageAdding support for aliases for non-contacts and cleaned...
2009-11-26 Ed PageAdding support for changing the callback number by...
2009-11-26 Ed PageAdding aliasing support to give pretty names to contacts
2009-09-26 Ed PageRemoving un-needed interfaces
2009-09-25 Ed PageGetting start on this here em code