Starting to play with TheOneRing inside of empathy :)
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2009-12-19 Ed PageStarting to play with TheOneRing inside of empathy :)
2009-11-26 Ed PageCleaned up exceptions
2009-11-26 Ed PageOverall, got sending a text to an arbitrary number...
2009-10-03 Ed PageLessons learned from looking at telepathy-python to...
2009-10-03 Ed PageAlong with previous commit, fixing the name of some...
2009-09-29 Ed PageStarting to generalize the gv backend
2009-09-28 Ed PageSwitching back to module level loggers
2009-09-27 Ed PageOnward, ever onward
2009-09-26 Ed PageRandom cleanup/implementation fairy of fun
2009-09-25 Ed PageGetting start on this here em code