Imitiating buttfly in being explicitly typed
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2010-04-06 Ed PageFixing indentation issue
2010-04-06 Ed PageUpdating telepathy-python
2010-03-05 Ed PageMerging a change from tp-upstream and trying a fix...
2010-01-28 Ed PageUpdating to latest from tp
2010-01-28 Ed PageAdding an option to disable GV contacts
2010-01-20 Ed PageFixing a tp bug preventing channels from closing
2010-01-20 Ed PageUpgrading to 0.15.14 of telepathy-python
2010-01-16 Ed PageAdding a hand test to validate EnsureChannel, fixing...
2010-01-15 Ed PageUpdating from my tor-fixes of python-telepathy
2010-01-15 Ed PageSwitching to shipping parts of python-telepathy with...