Trying to adapt to the Maemo 5, bumping to 0.1.0-3
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2009-12-26 Ed PageTrying to adapt to the Maemo 5, bumping to 0.1.0-3
2009-12-25 Ed PageBug fixes and packaging fixes, bumped to 0.1.0-2
2009-12-25 Ed PageBump to 0.1.0-1 and adding a list of features
2009-12-25 Ed PageFIxing a mistake in packaging stuff
2009-12-25 Ed PageUpdating packaing stuff
2009-12-19 Ed PageStarting to play with TheOneRing inside of empathy :)
2009-12-12 Ed PageAdding support for building .debs
2009-12-08 Ed PageMinature bug fixes to help things progress along
2009-11-13 Ed PageUpdating from Dialcentral
2009-09-26 Ed PageUpdating dependencies
2009-09-26 Ed PageNot ready for use but at least packaging stuff is now...
2009-09-26 Ed PageRe-arranging for packaging prep
2009-09-25 Ed PageBaseline for work is Dialcentral 1.0.6-10