Bump to 0.8.24
[theonering] / support / theonering.manager
2010-06-23 Ed PageBump to 0.8.14-0
2010-06-19 Ed PageReducing login traffic by making DND optional
2010-03-10 Ed PageSwitching protocol from sip to gv
2010-02-08 Ed PageFixing some bugs with the dependent polling settings...
2010-02-02 Ed PageFixing a bug with account options for polling
2010-01-30 Ed PageMaking polling periods configurable
2010-01-28 Ed PageAdding an option to disable GV contacts
2010-01-18 Ed PageSwitching to callback numbers being able to be set...
2010-01-03 Ed Page0.1.0-7: Trying account-plugin-haze's UI configuration...
2009-12-19 Ed PageForgot to update the protocol in the .manager file...
2009-10-03 Ed PageRenaming account to username
2009-09-29 Ed PageStarting to generalize the gv backend
2009-09-25 Ed PageBasic telepathy/dbus files