Tweaking how the one ring shows up in the addressbook on Maemo 5
[theonering] / support / theonering.profile.fremantle
2010-01-30 Ed PageTweaking how the one ring shows up in the addressbook...
2010-01-26 Ed PageNo clue what roster is but claiming support for it
2010-01-25 Ed PageNot really sms but chat according to the ui stuff
2010-01-25 Ed PageUpdating .profile for Maemo 5 to be more like everythin...
2010-01-07 Ed PageFixing the icon paths
2010-01-03 Ed Page0.1.0-7: Trying account-plugin-haze's UI configuration...
2009-12-30 Ed PageFor now dumping the config ui stuff
2009-12-27 Ed PageSwitching to a fremantle specific profile file