Fixed command validation and added a save_log command
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2010-01-28 Ed PageSwitching the URL for viewing bugs to one that has...
2010-01-28 Ed PageRemoved superfluous newline on debug prompt and added...
2010-01-26 Ed PageFixing a reference to Dialcentral
2010-01-25 Ed PageRemoving a dead comment
2010-01-25 Ed PageAdding link to the bug tracker
2010-01-25 Ed PagePushing out 0.7.0-4 deb
2010-01-22 Ed PageAdding link to GV thread
2010-01-22 Ed PageAdding some bugs
2010-01-22 Ed PageUpdating the downloads page
2010-01-22 Ed PageRelease a binary for desktop systems
2010-01-22 Ed PagePrepping for the Maemo 5 Beta
2009-12-24 Ed PageUpdating webpages
2009-12-24 Ed PageUpdating website status
2009-12-18 Ed PageUpating the status on the webpage
2009-12-13 Ed PageUpdating the webpage
2009-12-02 Ed PageAdding a webpage