2010-01-27 Ed PageReducing the race window for GV marking messages as...
2010-01-26 Ed PageNo clue what roster is but claiming support for it
2010-01-26 Ed PageFixing a reference to Dialcentral
2010-01-25 Ed PageRemoving a dead comment
2010-01-25 Ed PageNot really sms but chat according to the ui stuff
2010-01-25 Ed PageMore imitation of Butterfly
2010-01-25 Ed PageUpdating .profile for Maemo 5 to be more like everythin...
2010-01-25 Ed PageRemoving @todo/@bugs because we are now on
2010-01-25 Ed PageAdding link to the bug tracker
2010-01-25 Ed PagePushing out 0.7.0-4 deb
2010-01-24 Ed PageBump to 0.7.0-4
2010-01-24 Ed PageAdding get_sane_callback to the debug promot
2010-01-24 Ed PageFixing get_sane_callback due to not realizing it was...
2010-01-23 Ed PageBump to 0.7.0-3
2010-01-23 Ed PageFixing handling of +1 gizmo numbers
2010-01-23 Ed PageBumping to 0.7.0-2
2010-01-23 Ed PageModifying the way isRead is handled to reduce false...
2010-01-23 Ed PageMinor todos
2010-01-23 Ed PageUpdating the conversations hand test
2010-01-23 Ed PageBump to 0.7.0-1 to fix the timeout issue accidently...
2010-01-23 Ed PageFixing a 20s refresh bug
2010-01-22 Ed PageAdding link to GV thread
2010-01-22 Ed PageAdding some bugs
2010-01-22 Ed PageUpdating the downloads page
2010-01-22 Ed PageRelease a binary for desktop systems
2010-01-22 Ed PagePrepping for the Maemo 5 Beta
2010-01-22 Ed PageFixing up the last bug with the initator stuff
2010-01-22 Ed PageSwitching timeouts to seconds for whenever platforms...
2010-01-22 Ed PageBumping to -21
2010-01-22 Ed PageHoping to get calls working on Maemo 5 by adding these...
2010-01-22 Ed Pagen900 was looking for this and erroring, so adding it in
2010-01-22 Ed PageAdding help to the debug prompt
2010-01-21 Ed PageBump to -20, fixing Maemo 4.1 depends, cleaning up...
2010-01-21 Ed PageBumping to -19 and fixing up the notes
2010-01-21 Ed PageAdding some hand tests
2010-01-21 Ed PageAdding conic dependency, fixing bug with disconnecting...
2010-01-20 Ed PageImitating butterfly which follows a suggestion in the...
2010-01-20 Ed PageBump to -18
2010-01-20 Ed PageAdding dnd caching to reduce server hits on login for...
2010-01-20 Ed PageTaking note of what the next steps have to be
2010-01-20 Ed PageSwitching from deleting caches to version checking...
2010-01-20 Ed PageSwitching from the closing being info to debug log
2010-01-20 Ed PageI showed I can't be trusted, deleting the cache on...
2010-01-20 Ed PageTo ease debugging, dropping info to dict
2010-01-20 Ed PageFixing a tp bug preventing channels from closing
2010-01-20 Ed PageAdding logging to close so I can be sure my channels...
2010-01-20 Ed PageFixing a random logging bug which causes an exception
2010-01-20 Ed PageUpdating to latest butterfly fad, should eventually...
2010-01-20 Ed PageUpgrading to 0.15.14 of telepathy-python
2010-01-19 Ed PageBumping to -17
2010-01-19 Ed PageForgot to update some todos upon completion
2010-01-19 Ed PageFixed calls, removing bug note
2010-01-19 Ed PageSwitching back to my hacked capabilities to get calls...
2010-01-19 Ed PageFor historical reasons, a broken attempt at capabilities
2010-01-19 Ed PageSimple documentation bug fix
2010-01-19 Ed PageBug fixes to handling numbers not on the contact list
2010-01-19 Ed PageDocmenting a mixin binding point
2010-01-19 Ed PageSwitching away from using contact ids
2010-01-18 Ed PageSwitching to callback numbers being able to be set...
2010-01-18 Ed PageFixing up the description and the pretty name
2010-01-18 Ed PageNoting a bug
2010-01-16 Ed PageYet another decision to be made at some point
2010-01-16 Ed PageCleanup for contact lists
2010-01-16 Ed PageCaching conversation data to avoid false positives...
2010-01-16 Ed PageMaking phone numbers as consistent as possible so user...
2010-01-16 Ed PageAdding some notes on bugs
2010-01-16 Ed PageBump to 0.1.0-16
2010-01-16 Ed PageAdding a hand test to validate EnsureChannel, fixing...
2010-01-15 Ed PageUpdating from my tor-fixes of python-telepathy
2010-01-15 Ed PageBump to 0.1.0-15
2010-01-15 Ed PageSwitching to shipping parts of python-telepathy with...
2010-01-15 Ed PageLong ago finished this todo about conic
2010-01-14 Ed PageBump to 0.1.0-14
2010-01-14 Ed PageAttempting to fix a bug in code I stole from python...
2010-01-14 Ed PageTrying to support numbers with a + in them
2010-01-14 Ed PageUpdating todos and logging
2010-01-14 Ed PageUpdating bug notes
2010-01-14 Ed PageRemoving a lot of dead code arising from refactorings...
2010-01-14 Ed PageImproving logging
2010-01-14 Ed PageCleaning up and improving the number formatter
2010-01-14 Ed PageUpdating hand tests
2010-01-12 Ed PageMaking sure we close the stream after the call
2010-01-12 Ed PageSmall bugfix to python-telepathy that I cloned
2010-01-12 Ed PageImproving state machine timing, logged material, commen...
2010-01-10 Ed PageBump to -13 to include fixes found through dbus-monitor...
2010-01-10 Ed PageBumping to 0.1.0-12
2010-01-10 Ed PagePlaying around, trying to get calls to work
2010-01-10 Ed PageWhen removing the async calls I ended up wiping informa...
2010-01-10 Ed PageTracing tool to help with state machine issues
2010-01-10 Ed PageForgot to remove a dead comment
2010-01-10 Ed PagePlenty of HACKs to get my code to work with Requests
2010-01-10 Ed PageOld python-telepathy didn'
2010-01-10 Ed PageA small assert because I'm annoyed with leaking states
2010-01-10 Ed PageHACK: Oops, got this hack backwards, its the Request...
2010-01-10 Ed PageRemoving a SM hack
2010-01-10 Ed PageTaking the same python-telepathy caution elsewhere
2010-01-10 Ed PageRemoving async calls due to race conditions they create...
2010-01-10 Ed PageTemporarily disabling the Contacts Interface because...
2010-01-10 Ed PageMaemo: Attempting to save on battery by forcing a disco...
2010-01-08 Ed PageRemoving a superfluous check slowing down login