2010-02-19 Ed PageSwitching around icons again
2010-02-19 Ed PageSwitching icons
2010-02-17 Ed PageBump to 0.7.14
2010-02-17 Ed PageConsolidating filtering code, fixing some bugs along...
2010-02-17 Ed PageUpdating whats displayed for get_state_status
2010-02-17 Ed PageFixing bug with reseting the state machine and adding...
2010-02-17 Ed PageFixed bug for incomplete numbers
2010-02-17 Ed PageAdded test to experimentally determine multi-sms api
2010-02-13 Ed PageBumping to 0.7.13
2010-02-13 Ed PageFixing a bug with cancelling timeouts
2010-02-12 Ed PageBumping to 0.7.12
2010-02-12 Ed PageFixing lots of minor bugs found by lint
2010-02-12 Ed PageFixing a bug referencing a non-existent variable
2010-02-12 Ed PageBumping to 0.7.11
2010-02-12 Ed PageMaking Async and Timeout callable
2010-02-12 Ed PageAsync connect/disconnect. Moved everything to a new...
2010-02-12 Ed PageAll the cool kids are doing it, changing how we registe...
2010-02-12 Ed PageAdding indentation to traces
2010-02-11 Ed PageAdding some deadcode for later
2010-02-11 Ed PageProtecting against stopping without starting
2010-02-10 Ed PageTrying to improve behavior on n900
2010-02-09 Ed PageBumping to 0.7.10
2010-02-09 Ed PageAdjusting the timeout to hopefully help things out
2010-02-09 Ed PageFixing a resource leak where on connection failure...
2010-02-09 Ed PageCombinging disconnect code to try and minimize errors...
2010-02-09 Ed PageBumping to 0.7.9
2010-02-09 Ed Page*sigh* what I previously thought was a bug reducer...
2010-02-09 Ed PageFixing when conversations are coming in, bumping to...
2010-02-08 Ed PageBumping to 0.7.7
2010-02-08 Ed PageFixing some bugs with the dependent polling settings...
2010-02-08 Ed PageImproving the default bug view
2010-02-07 Ed PageAdjusting voicemails state_machine so that it will...
2010-02-07 Ed PageAdded detection of missed calls. As part of this I...
2010-02-07 Ed PageTrimming out code that is still experimental
2010-02-07 Ed PageStarting some tp_utils
2010-02-07 Ed PageRemoving purposeless code
2010-02-07 Ed PageAdded detection of missed/rejected calls
2010-02-06 Ed PageRemoving some debug stuff
2010-02-06 Ed PageAlmost there in auto-accepting calls. Everything succe...
2010-02-06 Ed PageGreat strides made in auto-accepting calls
2010-02-06 Ed PageWhen transition between states, start at max rather...
2010-02-06 Ed PageSome debugging helps for situations users are in
2010-02-05 Ed PageSome cleanup on the auto-accept code
2010-02-05 Ed PageBumping to 0.7.6 and releasing the package
2010-02-05 Ed PageFixing a bug with configurable polling
2010-02-05 Ed PageBroken but lots of progress in what needs to be done
2010-02-04 Ed PageGetting closer to an auto-accept calls system
2010-02-04 Ed PageMaking it configurable if the debug user wants to reset...
2010-02-04 Ed PageAdjusting logging location so can better determine...
2010-02-04 Ed PageUpon startup, starting geometric polling at the max...
2010-02-03 Ed PageBumping to 0.7.5 to fix the polling bug
2010-02-03 Ed PageFixing a -T polling bug
2010-02-03 Ed PagePushing out the 0.7.4 .deb
2010-02-03 Ed PageBumping to 0.7.4
2010-02-03 Ed PageFixing a bug with deny lists
2010-02-02 Ed PageBumping to 0.7.3 and releasing the .deb
2010-02-02 Ed PageFixing a bug with account options for polling
2010-02-02 Ed PageBump to 0.7.2
2010-02-02 Ed PageCleaning up the comment
2010-01-31 Ed PageFixed command validation and added a save_log command
2010-01-31 Ed PageStarting to add access to the debug log
2010-01-31 Ed PagePlaying with watching various dbus signals
2010-01-31 Ed PageAdding a delay to auto-disconnect incase the user is...
2010-01-31 Ed PageSwitching more timeouts to second resolution
2010-01-31 Ed PageSimlifying capabilities and advertising text
2010-01-31 Ed PageI've been told this would help, doesn't seem to so...
2010-01-30 Ed PageAdding a way to query all of the polling periods
2010-01-30 Ed PageFixing a bug with setting a floor to some states
2010-01-30 Ed PageMaking polling periods configurable
2010-01-30 Ed PageTweaking how the one ring shows up in the addressbook...
2010-01-29 Ed PageDelaying when we advertize the connection as disconnected
2010-01-28 Ed PageAdding a threshold where if a timeout goes above it...
2010-01-28 Ed PageHardening against some types of error
2010-01-28 Ed PageSwitching the URL for viewing bugs to one that has...
2010-01-28 Ed PageUpdating to latest from tp
2010-01-28 Ed PageAdding an option to disable GV contacts
2010-01-28 Ed PageMaking a deny list out of blocked contacts
2010-01-28 Ed PageAdd support for judging if you've blocked a contact
2010-01-28 Ed PageRemoved superfluous newline on debug prompt and added...
2010-01-27 Ed PageRemoving a reference to Chinook and working around...
2010-01-27 Ed PageBumping to 0.7.1
2010-01-27 Ed PageRemoving what I hope is a hack from a bygone era
2010-01-27 Ed PageFixing some phone number handling bugs
2010-01-27 Ed PageReducing the race window for 'GV marking messages as...
2010-01-27 Ed PageExplaining the hack I put in
2010-01-27 Ed PageDelaying marking the channel as disconnected, hoping...
2010-01-27 Ed PageUpon request, switching contact's presence over to...
2010-01-27 Ed PageReducing the race window for GV marking messages as...
2010-01-26 Ed PageNo clue what roster is but claiming support for it
2010-01-26 Ed PageFixing a reference to Dialcentral
2010-01-25 Ed PageRemoving a dead comment
2010-01-25 Ed PageNot really sms but chat according to the ui stuff
2010-01-25 Ed PageMore imitation of Butterfly
2010-01-25 Ed PageUpdating .profile for Maemo 5 to be more like everythin...
2010-01-25 Ed PageRemoving @todo/@bugs because we are now on
2010-01-25 Ed PageAdding link to the bug tracker
2010-01-25 Ed PagePushing out 0.7.0-4 deb
2010-01-24 Ed PageBump to 0.7.0-4
2010-01-24 Ed PageAdding get_sane_callback to the debug promot
2010-01-24 Ed PageFixing get_sane_callback due to not realizing it was...