2011-02-26 Ed PageBump to 0.8.24 master
2011-02-26 Ed PageLimiting the sizes of logs
2011-02-26 Ed Pagemaking pickled caches block no execution
2011-02-24 Ed PagePulling in from skeleton
2010-12-29 Ed PagePulling in latest skeleton code
2010-12-18 Ed PageBump to 0.8.23
2010-12-18 Ed PageWorking around a bug for some and providing more helpfu...
2010-12-09 Ed PageBump to 0.8.22
2010-12-09 Ed PageForcing calls to quit immediately rather than giving...
2010-12-08 Ed PageExpanding the API coverage including using the new...
2010-12-08 Ed PageOnly auto-unread for conversations
2010-12-01 Ed PageAfter some testing, fixing the csv support
2010-11-30 Ed PageAdding some unicode helpers I pulled from the python...
2010-11-30 Ed PageAdding gmail csv support for the backend
2010-11-09 Ed PageBump to 0.8.21
2010-11-08 Ed PageFixing non-ascii support
2010-11-08 Ed PageApplying feedback on the update scripts
2010-10-19 Ed PageBump to 0.8.20
2010-10-19 Ed PagePulling in fixes from DC
2010-10-19 Ed PageBump to 0.8.19
2010-10-15 Ed PageAdding a utility to send debug messages
2010-10-13 Ed PageMaking it easier to distinguish whether my test code...
2010-10-13 Ed PageAdding quit, update_now. Fixing reset_state_machine
2010-10-02 Ed PageMoving the webpage to the wiki
2010-10-02 Ed PageMinor cleanup
2010-08-26 Ed PageBump to 0.8.18-0
2010-08-26 Ed PageApplying a dialcentral fix for an exception
2010-07-26 Ed PageExperiments with making a call on the users behalf
2010-07-26 Ed PageMisc cleanup, test code, and debug help
2010-07-26 Ed PageDelaying import of backend to improve startup time...
2010-07-26 Ed PageDelaying session creation to improve startup time by...
2010-07-26 Ed PageBugfix for debug prompt
2010-07-26 Ed PageBumping to 0.8.17
2010-06-26 Ed PageFixing a bug on text channel creation / reporting
2010-06-25 Ed PageWhat I said was 0.8.15 was really 0.8.16
2010-06-25 Ed PageBump to 0.8.15
2010-06-25 Ed PageWith manually tracking read/unread, I don't think I...
2010-06-25 Ed PageBugfix: bad job recognizing PM, so if you got a message...
2010-06-23 Ed PageLogging even more details
2010-06-23 Ed PageBump to 0.8.14-0
2010-06-23 Ed PageImproving logging
2010-06-23 Ed PageAdding some logging
2010-06-22 Ed PageForgot to log exceptions for these calls, no wonder...
2010-06-22 Ed PageTrying to fix making calls on Ubuntu
2010-06-22 Ed PageFailed attempt at fixing the file transfer stuff
2010-06-22 Ed PageCleaning up the description
2010-06-20 Ed PageFixing two issues and bumping to 0.8.13-2
2010-06-19 Ed PageBump to 0.8.13
2010-06-19 Ed PageLengthening the auto disconnect
2010-06-19 Ed PageReducing login traffic by making DND optional
2010-06-19 Ed PageReducing log noise
2010-06-19 Ed PageSpeeding up login through cookies
2010-06-19 Ed PageAdding the possibility of persisting contacts but not...
2010-06-19 Ed PageAdding option to log to a debug text channel
2010-05-29 Ed PageAdding ConnectionInterfaceContactCapabilities, bringing...
2010-05-29 Ed PageInclude _generated now so I get all the latest fancy...
2010-05-29 Ed PageUpating telepathy python to a7418e92965713edae61d9e762b...
2010-05-29 Ed PageImitating butterfly in being forgiving
2010-05-29 Ed PageImitiating buttfly in being explicitly typed
2010-05-15 Ed PageIncreased max length of phone conversation that kicks...
2010-05-15 Ed Page45 works as a better timeout for silvermountain
2010-04-28 Ed PageDoing some initial location work
2010-04-24 Ed PageBump to 0.8.12
2010-04-24 Ed PageIf Disconnect comes between start of Connect and gettin...
2010-04-24 Ed PageRe-using handles which hopefully will cause fewer issue...
2010-04-24 Ed PageReducing noise that misleads about whether a problem...
2010-04-20 Ed PageBump to 0.8.11
2010-04-20 Ed PageConsolidating cm idle timeout
2010-04-20 Ed PageEnabling logging to raise exceptions, hardening my...
2010-04-06 Ed PageMerge branch 'concurrent'
2010-04-06 Ed PageBump to 0.8.10
2010-04-06 Ed PageFixing indentation issue
2010-04-06 Ed PageTrying to improve debug output due to an exception...
2010-04-06 Ed Pageadding more debug info
2010-04-06 Ed PageUpdating telepathy-python
2010-04-03 Ed PageBump to 0.8.9-1
2010-04-03 Ed PageDisabling 'compress' and adding lots of debug help
2010-04-03 Ed PageBeing more paranoied about marking as read and using...
2010-04-03 Ed PageRemoving mer
2010-04-01 Ed PageBumping to 0.8.8
2010-03-27 Ed PageRaised the default timeout
2010-03-26 Ed PageImproving support for a worker thread and moving more...
2010-03-26 Ed PageSwitching over to coroutine trampolines
2010-03-26 Ed PageAdding support for coroutines for async ops through...
2010-03-26 Ed PageSwitching texting over to callbacks and changing the...
2010-03-26 Ed PageUnsure when this got introduced, how strange
2010-03-17 Ed PageNot using i_logged_in for all of its fanciness, so...
2010-03-17 Ed PageFixing a connecting bug
2010-03-17 Ed PageLogging login exceptions, forgot this before
2010-03-17 Ed PageReformatting the log
2010-03-17 Ed PageMinor bug fix in async pool
2010-03-17 Ed PageSwitching login, conversations, and addressbook to...
2010-03-17 Ed PageAdding an async pool to try and fix things up
2010-03-17 Ed PageSmall fix
2010-03-17 Ed PageNoting where I block to find them faster
2010-03-13 Ed PageBumping to 0.8.7
2010-03-13 Ed PageBumping to 0.8.6
2010-03-13 Ed PageFixing a bug with shutdown-on-idle code that I introduced
2010-03-13 Ed PageMoved when we advertise the connection as disconnected...
2010-03-13 Ed PageAdding logging of caches so I can see if they are causi...