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Time Workshop

Time Workshop (or just Timeshop) is a stopwatch/alarm timer utility. It includes a widget library that will become a base for a time planning and tracking application. At this time the library isn't intended for third-party developers, bacause the interface will change from version to version. Timeshop uses the Qt library and it can run on a number of platforms: Maemo5, Ubuntu and MS Windows.

Version 0.3.1 is available in "extras" repository.

The next version will be 0.3.2. It will have some bugs fixed and minor new features like a button to quickliy set time and keeping backlight on while the timer is active.

Settings and layout can be loaded from an XML file. This feature will be considered "undocumented" in 0.3.x and only supplied files are guaranteed to work without errors. I think there will be a layout editor sometime to manage this efficiently.

This feature will allow you to change timer window using Qt style sheets.