2011-08-05 Nick SlobodskyAdd info about current version 0.3.1 and upcoming bugfi... master
2010-04-16 Nick SlobodskySmall fixes and improvements, note about pop up menu.
2010-04-16 Nick SlobodskyFix some typos and repository address.
2010-04-16 Nick SlobodskyAdd info about other platforms and download links.
2010-04-15 Nick SlobodskySmall changes to indexes and cross-links.
2010-04-15 Nick SlobodskyAdd Russian page with some screenshots.
2010-04-14 Nick SlobodskyIs httpd autolanguage feature on?
2010-03-28 Souri GuhaChange of language (style and grammar). Reported the...
2010-03-24 Nick SlobodskyAdd screenshot of the restyled timer.
2010-03-19 Nick SlobodskyState that first release will be alpha.
2010-03-19 Nick SlobodskyTimeshop 0.3.0 screenshots preview.
2010-03-01 Nick SlobodskyFix broken links and improve layout a bit.
2010-03-01 Nick SlobodskyFirst quick project's page.