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2010-08-30 tmarkiMerge branch 'master' of tomsrv:tomamp master
2010-08-30 tmarkisome install fixes
2010-08-21 tmarkidesktop file, preinst fix
2010-08-20 tmarkiMerge branch 'master' of
2010-08-20 tmarkilots of new allowed extensions, small fixes
2010-08-20 tmarkicleanup & small fixes
2010-08-20 tmarkiMerge branch 'alpha' of tomsrv:tomamp into alpha
2010-08-20 tmarkinotification on playlist save error, small changes
2010-08-19 tmarkicleanup
2010-08-19 tmarkiFlippable GUI (swap toolbars), checkbox for it in optio...
2010-08-19 tmarkiMerge branch 'alpha' of tomsrv:tomamp into alpha
2010-08-19 tmarkibetter extensioncheck
2010-08-19 tmarkiclear playlist while loading crash bug and enqueue...
2010-08-18 tmarkiworking optins with orientation and column order/selection
2010-08-16 tmarkiirrelevant
2010-08-13 tmarkisimplified controls column widget (just a html label)
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