URPO 0.9

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Unix Remote Printing Operation
A Program for printing files via a server
� Arto Hyv�ttinen 2010

URPO is free to use according to GPL 3. No guarantees. See the license.


With URPO you can print files to a printer attached to a linux/unix-computer. URPO uses the CUPS-system on the computer for printing. It is designed for use on a Maemo 5 device.

You can print files in all formats supported by CUPS:


You need an openssh-program on your maemo device.
On the computer to which the printer is attached to, you need the cups and ssh-servers. CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) is a printing server, installed by default in several linux distributions. The ssh server is needed to safely connect to the computer. The port 22 needs to be opened from the computer's firewall. There is no need to open a port for cups.

Generating SSH-keys

A SSH key pair is needed to identify the user. The key pair is created in the maemo device:
ssh-keygen -t rsa
The password is left empty. Remember where you have saved the keys! You cannot save them in the MyDocs folder, since the private key must not be accessible to others than the user.

The access rights of the file need to be set:
chmod 600 ~/.ssh/id_urpo

The public key is added to the server (computer) in the home folder's  .ssh folder's file  authorized_keys . You can use ssh for transferring it:
cat ~/.ssh/id_urpo.pub | ssh user@computer 'cat >> ~./ssh/authorized_keys'

The location of the private key is set in the settings of URPO.


When used for the first time URPO asks for settings. You can access these settings later by choosing "Settings"  from the menu.
Host name or ip address: The computer's  (server's) ip address, or its name if the device can find it by name.
Username: The user account on the server .
Identity file: The private ssh-key.


Choose the file to be printed (Browse).
Choose the printer.
If desired, limit what pages are to be printed, e.g 1,2 or 3-6 or 1,5-7 .
You can choose 1, 2 or 4 pages to be printed per sheet.
You can print 1-99 copies.
Printing is started with the Print-button.


When "Debug" is chosen from the menu, a debug window opens. Information useful in solving problems, such as the commands given to server trough ssh and their output, is printed on that window.